Buganda Region Football Association chairman Andrew Kawesa casts his vote.

It was largely a successful electoral process for the FUFA regional polls across the entire country (8 regions of FUFA) on Saturday, 24th April 2021. The regional elections followed successful district polls a fortnight ago.

From Kampala, Buganda, Kitara, Western, North Eastern, Eastern, Northern to the West Nile regions, the entire electoral process traversed smoothly.

More than three thirds of the delegates voted to the August FUFA House sailed through with less competition as many were elected unopposed.

Ironically, many of these delegates are die-hards of the incumbent Moses Magogo.

Sande Moni Mayanja bounced back unopposed among the Kampala Region FA Delegates (Credit: John Batanudde)

“The current FUFA president (Magogo) has done a lot for our football and it would be betrayal of the highest order not to support him. Under his stewardship, we have registered tremendous progress in youth football development, women football development and general football development. Governance has also greatly improved that’s why you see women like us are today sitting here to make football decisions for the whole of West-Nile and the  country at large.” noted Joan Giramia, one of the delegates from West Nile region as quoted by the FUFA Website.

Kampala Regional delegates

All the Kampala Region Football Association delegates returned unopposed.

Idirisa Kasalirwe retained the chairmanship seat. Others are Haruna Tamale (Makindye), Hamid Juma (Nakawa), Sande Moni Mayanja (Kampala Central), Darius Mugoye (3rd Division clubs) and Amina Bukenya (Kawempe).

In Buganda, chairman Andrew Kawesa and Rogers Mulindwa bounced back unopposed with competition between the Zone 4, Zone 3, third division clubs and ladies slot.

For zone 3; Samuel Mpiima smashed Ismail Kalanda 38-7, Michael Ssekabira beat Steven Ssemutono for the zone 4 slot.

Samuel Mpiima casts his vote. He beat Ismail Kalanda 38-7 (Credit: FUFA Media)

Hassan Kavuma overcame Lugazi Municipal director Abdul Kawuulu 12-9 for the Buganda region third division clubs’ slot and Jackline Musiime convincingly triumphed over Mariam Nakulima Kaliga.

Musiime who is christened as Mamma Kyotera tallied 38 votes to Kaliga’s 7.

Buganda Region Football Association has a bold strategic plan in the next four years. From competitions, capacity building to a strong secretariat, we want to move into the right direction for the desired path.

Andrew Kaweesa, Chairman Buganda Region Football Association
Rogers Mulindwa congratulates Jackline Musiime (Mamma Kyotera) after the voting exercise at FUFA House in Mengo (Credit: FUFA Media)


Former Sports Club Villa and Victors’ midfielder Fred Muhumuza was among the delegates who made the grade in the Kitara region.

Others are; James Ayabale (Chairman), Rogers Byamukama, Diana Kaboha, Jimmy Kiiza Shedrack and Derrick Bunduka.

Kitara region will not have former delegate Robert Donney who was defeated at the district stage.

For the Northern Region F.A; Moses Opio was voted as chairman. Other delegates included Dan Obote, Walter Okello, Innocent Oryem (3rd Division clubs), Tabu Santos Bono and Gladys Alela

Isa Musiwa was voted unopposed as the chairman for Eastern Region FA. Other delegates are; Isa Magola (3rd Division), Amin Bosa, Haji Jamali Ngobi, Mutesi Zaituna, Latif Mafuko from Mbale.

In the North Eastern Region F.A, John Odong is the chairman. Other delegates are; Johnson Nyiria Fairfax, Richard Ochom, Julius Opolot (3rd Division clubs), Agnes Mugena and Blacks Power director Agnes Mugena.

Sseka Mutaka was retained as the Western Region Football Association chairman (Credit: FUFA Media)

Seka Mutaka returned as the Western region chairman. The other delegates include; Stephen Kacumu, Switzen Nuwagaba, Pauline Owomugisha, Nshekanabo Gasheka and Frank Ankunzire (3rd Division clubs).

Switizen Nuwagaba

For the West Nile Region F.A; Ade Fredrick Isaac is the chairman. The other delegates are; CAF match commissioner Mike Letti, Ibrahim Ariga Rasoul, Andrew Onwang, Charles Mawadri and Joan Giramia.

Western Region FUFA delegates from L, Nshekanabo Gasheka, Switizen Nuwamanya, Frank Ankunzire, Pauline Owomugisha and Stephen Kacumu

Focus will now swing to the Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) delegates’ elections.

The elective assembly for FUFA is selected for August 2021 on a date and venue yet to be confirmed.

Incumbent Eng. Moses Hassim Magogo seeks a third term in office since 2013.

He will face a stiff battle as a number of personalities as Makindye West Member of Parliament Hon. Allan Aliosious Ssewanyana and Mujib Kasule.

Both Ssewanyana and Kasule openly declared their intensions to stand during different press briefings.

Anyivu county MP Hon. Bernard Atiku and former URA chairman Isa Ssekatawa are all expected to join the race.

Delegates of All Regions:

  • Kampala Region F.A: Idirisa Kasalirwe (Chairman – unopposed), Haruna Tamale (Makindye – unopposed), Hamid Juma (Nakawa – unopposed), Sande Moni (Kampala Central – unopposed), Darius Mugoye (3rd Division clubs – unopposed), Amina Bukenya (Kawempe – unopposed)
  • Buganda Region F.A: Andrew Kaweesa (Chairman – unopposed), Rogers Mulindwa – unopposed, Samuel Mpiima, Michael Ssekabira, Hassan Kavuma (3rd Division clubs), Jackline Musiime
  • Western Region F.A: Seka Mutaka (Chairman), Stephen Kacumu, Switzen Nuwagaba, Pauline Owomugisha, Nshekanabo Gasheka, Frank Ankunzire (3rd Division clubs)
  • West Nile Region F.A: Ade Fredrick Isaac (Chairman), Mike Letti, Ibrahim Ariga Rasoul, Andrew Onwang, Charles Mawadri, Joan Giramia
  • Kitara Region F.A: James Ayabale (Chairman), Rogers Byamukama, Diana Kaboha, Jimmy Kiiza Shedrack, Fred Muhumuza, Derrick Bunduka
  • Northern Region F.A: Moses Opio (Chairman), Dan Obote, Walter Okello, Innocent Oryem (3rd Division clubs), Tabu Santos Bono, Gladys Alela
  • Eastern Region F.A: Isa Musiwa (Chairman – Unopposed), Isa Magola (3rd Division), Amin Bosa, Latif Mafuko, Haji Jamali Ngobi, Mutesi Zaituna
  • North Eastern Region F.A: John Odong (Chairman), Johnson Nyiria Fairfax, Richard Ochom, Agnes Mugena, Julius Opolot (3rd Division clubs)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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