Hon Geofrey Kayemba Solo

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has been tasked by Parliament to reveal the government plan for the sports sector that has been heavily hit by the lockdown following a presidential directive.

This follows a submission by Shadow Sports Minister Geoffrey Kayemba Solo, also the Member of Parliament for Bukomansimbi South on the floor of the House highlighting how sports has been hit.

“We all know the sports sector employs so many people and a lot Ugandans,” Kayemba started.

“Their basic earnings is from gate collections, sponsors but from March 2020, fans were banned from entering stadiums, for other sectors like boxing,  tournaments were cancelled and we have a big number of these people out there especially the youth from 15-40

“So I ask the House through Right Honourable Speaker to extend relief to the sports men in the country. This can be done through their Federations and National Council of Sports (NCS) that have their contacts and their names.

“We also want to ask considered financial support or stimuli to these sports clubs because they have been suffering since March 2020.”

Deputy Speaker Ms Anita Among who chaired the session in the absence of his boss, Jacob Oulanya called on the Prime Minister to submit the plan when he meets Parliament on Wednesday next week.

“In your (Prime Minister) submission on Wednesday, we need to know the plan for Sports men in terms of providing relief and financial stimuli to the club.”

It should be noted that after the initial lockdown was lifted on sports, spectators were barred from attending any events yet clubs continued to spend on Covid19 tests as well as salaries and wages for the sports men.

It remains to be seen whether Kayemba’s submission will awaken government on finding ways to help sports.

Senior Staff writer at Kawowo Sports mainly covering football

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