Two clubs affiliated to the local motorsport governing body FMU have expressed displeasure at the refusal to acknowledge a tour event due next month.

Afrika Kwetu, a tour event being organized by the two clubs UMOSPOC and Enduro, aims at encouraging crews to efficiently consume fuel but also drive safety campaigns.

The second edition of the Afrika Kwetu is slated for September 16-19.

The event was launched last week on Monday, August 16 at Equatorial mall.

The event however hangs in balance after FMU said it was not approved.

“The federation would like to state that it has not sanctioned the organisation of the Afrika Kwetu fuel economy touring event.

“All possible means to guide these affiliated club members involved in the organisation were met with utmost resistance,” reads a letter from FMU.

According to the federation secretariat, the organising clubs were required to seek approval from the federation. The FMU secretariat is yet to receive an official request.

However, the organisers have refuted the claims by the federation.

“It is wrong to say that the federation didn’t know about this event. We wrote to the deputy vice president and the issue was discussed in one of their management meetings.

“Also this event initially appeared on the draft calendar for this year but for some reason, it was scrapped. However much we want to have it attached to the federation, and they turned it down, we decided to do it independently,” said Tendo Mutale; the Enduro club President and Afrika kwetu event manager.

Mutale says the event holds good for motorsport.

“We initially organised the event as clubs to enable them do something different and as well as get closer to different sponsors in a different way.

“Motorsport has been labelled with some bad names, this event in a way would try to paint the actual picture of motorsports since it is a family thing and anyone can participate,” he added.

Depsite the absence of approval, the clubs have opted to organise the tour independently.

However, FMU as the regulator of all motorsport activities consists of the vintage and touring category where the Afrika Kwetu event would fall.

FMU affiliated members involved in the event may face disciplinary action.

 According to the federation regulations, affiliated clubs or individuals are not supposed to be part of any unsanctioned events.

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