SC Villa still have issues with home ground

Fufa has warned SC Villa that they risk being denied chance to play in the forthcoming season after contravention of the club, Fufa, Caf and Fifa statutes.

The club is currently embroiled in a leadership row after the August 28 election were suspended by the High Court despite over 60% of registered voters casting their vote.

On Monday, there was a consent order from the High Court to which both parties – the complainant Nambalirwa Brenda Kawuma and the Registered Trustees of the Villa Members Trust agreed in contravention to association football rules.

A letter addressed to the club CEO Shawn Mubiru, signed by Fufa Deputy CEO in Charge of Football Decolas Kiiza and copied to Fifa stated;  

“Sports Club Villa is one of the 34 direct members that comprise FUFA and is subject to FUFA, CAF and FIFA Statutes, Regulations, Decisions and Directives.

Sports Club Villa signed declarations and submitted a copy of the Club Statutes and these Club Statutes were approved by FUFA.

It has come to our attention that;

1. Matters of the election of the Executive Board of the Football Club have been subjected to Ordinary Courts of Law and a Consent Judgement have been reached. This action is in contravention of the Club, FUFA, CAF and FIFA Statutes.

2. The Registered Trustees of the Villa Members Trust took it upon themselves to consent to provisions that are in contravention to the Club, FUFA, CAF and FIFA Statutes.

a) More particularly the election of the Club Executive Board must be in accordance with the Club Statutes and the FUFA Electoral Code. Therefore, the Registered Trustees have no powers to appoint the electoral committee for the election of the Club Executive Board

b) Also to note, the clubs statutes empowers only the club congress to appoint the Club Executive leadership. Therefore, the Registered Trustees have no powers to appoint the interim committee of the Club

FUFA hereby guides that in accordance with Club Statutes, the above matters may be resolved by the Club Congress in accordance with the Club, FUFA, CAF and FIFA Statutes and regulations

This is therefore to bring it to the attention of the club, that it is already behind schedule for 2021/22 Season Club Licensing and unless the above matters are resolved by the 7th of September 2021, the matters will be referred to the FUFA Judicial Bodies which may lead to the ultimate decision of the club not being granted a license to participate in association football.

It is the obligation of FUFA to ensure that its members are in compliance with their own Statutes and Regulations.

One of the contestants in the Villa race Denis Mbidde Ssebugwawo who was behind the court order that stopped the polls says that a consent order was a win for the club but didn’t explain why and how while speaking to Kawowo Sports.

SC Villa, the most successful club in Ugandan football has been under interim leadership for the past three years and administrative wrangles and ownership over the years have derailed their progress.

The decision to make the club a community owned appeared to have reignited the fan base who were now recognised as owners under the Villa Members Trust but the weekend happenings seems to have taken the club back to the wrangles.

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