Magogo and Mandela among others attended the SC VILLA CONGRESS at Kigo Credit: Courtesy

Hajji Omar Ahmed Mandela has been declared unopposed in the forthcoming SC Villa elections by the Electoral Commission.

The SC Villa EC confirmed in a statement released on November 6 revealing that Mandela alongside Farouq Meywa were the only people to pick nominations but the latter didn’t meet the requirements.

“We closed nominations today and Hajji Omar Ahmed had complied with the electoral requirements…” the statement read in parts.

“Mr. Farouq Meywa returned incomplete nomination forms. For this reason, we only have one individual who has satisfied the requirements to participate in the club’s elections.”

Omar-Mandela-at-Villa-presser Credit: Courtesy

In this regard, Meywa asked for more time which the VEC didn’t grant according to the letter seen by Kawowo Sports.

“We have received your request for an extension to fully comply with the requirements for you to be nominated….,” read part of the letter to Meywa from the VEC

“As you may be aware, this election has to be delivered by the 13th November 2021. Any deviation from the Election Road Map will make it impossible to meet the above the deadline.”

With this pronouncement, it implies that Mandela will be declared the new SC VILLA president on November 13 to officially replace Ben Immanuel Misagga who was last Villa president in 2018.

Since then, the Jogoos have been under interim leadership of William Nkemba who is expected to bounce back in the Mandela administration just like Misagga, current CEO Muhammad Bazirengedde and former contestant Daniel Bakaki.

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