AFCON 2021 hosts Cameroon will take on Comoros on 24th January 2022

2021 AFCON Finals:

Friday, January 14, 2022 Matches:

Group B:

  • Senegal Vs Guinea – Stade Omnisports de Bafoussam
  • Malawi Vs Zimbabwe – Stade Omnisports de Bafoussam

Group C:

  • Morocco Vs Comoros – Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium
  • Gabon Vs Ghana – Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium

The players, coaches, organizing officials and fans at the AFCON 2021 tournament in Cameroon are assured of insurance should there be any shortcoming.

This extinguishes any fears of threats from the rebels that surfaced some days back as the tournament kicked off.

A partnership between Confederation of African Football (CAF) and insurance gurus, Prudential Africa cements the relationship.

Meanwhile, action continues on Friday, January 14, 2022 with four in the championship that was pushed ahead from 2021 to 2022 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Two matches come in group B with Senegal taking on Guinea at Stade Omnisports de Bafoussam.

Two wounded lions; Malawi and Zimbabwe will later face off at the same venue.

In group C, North Africans Morocco play Comoros at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium before Gabon and Ghana will lockhorns as well at the same Ahmadou Ahidjo arena.

L-R: Brain Nkwenti, CEO Prudential Beneficial Cameroon, Sandra Latorre, Chief of Staff and General Secretary Office, Confederation of African Football (CAF), Eric Mboma, Chief Representative Officer Prudential Northern Africa Region, Javier Oleo, Marketing and Partnership Director, Confederation of African Football (CAF) at the press conference to announce Prudential’s sponsorship of African cup of nations (AFCON) in Douala Cameroon.

Eric Mboma, Chief Representative Officer, Prudential Northern Africa Region revealed that this sponsorship underscores the life insurer’s commitment to the African continent via growth and investment.

Through sports, Prudential wants to encourage people to stay active and lead more healthy lifestyles. As a life insurer, we believe that health and wellness are important for people to live fulfilling lives. As we grow our business in Africa, we also want to support the passion and talent of its people. Africans share a common love for football and we are honored to be part of a tournament that unites the continent and brings together the brightest talents of African football.

Eric Mboma, Chief Representative Officer, Prudential Northern Africa Region

We are excited and pleased to have on board Prudential as a partner. We share a common purpose in our commitment to developing local talent as well as driving prosperity for the people of Africa.

Véron Mosengo-Omba, Confederation of African Football (CAF) General Secretary

This championship will run until 6 February 2022.

Prudential and CAF Team at the Press conference to annouce Prudential’s sponsorship

All Fixtures:

Group A

  • 9 January: Cameroon 2-1 Burkina Faso
  • 9 January: Ethiopia 0-1 Cape Verde
  • 13 January: Cameroon 4-1 Ethiopia
  • 13 January: Cape Verde 0-1 Burkina Faso
  • 17 January: Cape Verde Vs Cameroon
  • 17 January: Burkina Faso Vs Ethiopia

Group B:

  • 10 January: Senegal 1-0 Zimbabwe
  • 10 January: Guinea 1-0 Malawi
  • 14 January: Senegal Vs Guinea
  • 14 January: Malawi Vs Zimbabwe
  • 18 January: Malawi Vs Senegal
  • 18 January: Zimbabwe Vs Guinea

Group C:

  • 10 January: Morocco 1-0 Ghana
  • 10 January: Comoros 0-1 Gabon
  • 14 January: Morocco Vs Comoros
  • 14 January: Gabon Vs Ghana
  • 18 January: Gabon Vs Morocco
  • 18 January: Ghana Vs Comoros

Group D:

  • 11 January: Nigeria 1-0 Egypt
  • 11 January: Sudan 0-0 Guinea-Bissau
  • 15 January: Nigeria Vs Sudan
  • 15 January: Guinea-Bissau Vs Egypt
  • 19 January: Guinea-Bissau Vs Nigeria
  • 19 January: Egypt Vs Sudan

Group E:

  • 11 January: Algeria 0-0 Sierra Leone
  • 12 January: Equatorial Guinea 0-1 Ivory Coast
  • 15 January: Ivory Coast Vs Sierra Leone
  • 15 January: Algeria Vs Equatorial Guinea
  • 19 January: Ivory Coast Vs Algeria
  • 19 January: Sierra Leone Vs Equatorial Guinea

Group F:

  • 12 January: Tunisia 0-1 Mali
  • 12 January: Mauritania 0-1 Gambia
  • 16 January: Gambia Vs Mali
  • 16 January: Tunisia Vs Mauritania
  • 20 January: Gambia Vs Tunisia
  • 20 January: Mali Vs Mauritania

Knockout schedule:

Round of 16:

  • 23 January: Runner-up Group A Vs Runner-up Group C (1)
  • 23 January: Winner Group D Vs 3rd Group B/E/F (2)
  • 24 January: Runner-up Group B Vs Runner-up Group F (5)
  • 24 January: Winner Group A Vs 3rd Group C/D/E (6)
  • 25 January: Winner Group B Vs 3rd Group A/C/D (3)
  • 25 January: Winner Group C Vs 3rd Group A/B/F (8)
  • 26 January: Winner Group E Vs Runner-up Group D (7)
  • 26 January: Winner Group F Vs Runner-up Group E (4)


  • 29 January: Winners Rof16 1 Vs 2 (QF1)
  • 29 January: Winners Rof16 5 Vs 6 (QF3)
  • 30 January: Winners of Rof16 3 Vs 4 (QF2)
  • 30 January: Winners of Rof16 7 Vs 8 (QF4)


  • 2 February: Winners of QF 1 Vs 2
  • 3 February: Winners of QF 3 Vs 4

Third-place play-off & Final: 6 February

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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