Ntare League

Ntare Lions League Finale


Main Event: Nshera FC v Ebicuncu FC

Where: Ntare School

Season 12 of the Ntare Lions League is heading to Mbarara this weekend where it all began for all the school Alumni.

The Ntare League brings together 19 teams from different generations that went through the school and also includes a ladies’ team Bweras FC from Bweranyangi Girls School.

“Going into this final, we are excited about two things; that we have finally come to the climax of a season that has faced numerous challenges in the COVID-19 era, and that we are being hosted by Ntare School. This is the most exciting bit about the Season Twelve final because going back to Ntare always evokes great memories,”

Moses Guma Aine Amatsiko, President, Ntare Lions League.

This is the second time the season finale is going home with season 10 which was won by Nshera being the 1st time the finale was being played at home.

The season 10 finale was played at Kakyeka but season 12 will be played at the main school stadium.

The main event for the finale will be the match between Nshera FC (2005-10) and Ebicuncu FC (1988-93) who will be contesting the final.

Nshera FC winners of season 10 are their second title while Ebicuncu FC has played three finals but has never won the coveted shield.

Just like Impis for rugby, Nshera FC brings the vibe to the Ntare Lions League, and having them in the finale should add more flair to the finale.

The other events of the day include a match between Mbarara Corporate Ladies FC and Bweras FC and a match between the Ntare School team against the Ntare League Select Side.

The other teams in the league will also be playing for final placements for season 12.

Season 12 after party will be happening at the Heat in Mbarara where the curtain will come down on another impressive season of the Ntare League.

The Ntare Lions League is the pioneer school alumni league in the country. At 66 years now, Ntare School is a boys’ only school founded with the help of the Ankole Kingdom in Mbarara.

Denis has represented Uganda in international cricket events including the World Cup. He is currently the captain of Wanderers Cricket Club.

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