Ronald Sebuguzi will start a new chapter in his rally career as he debuts a newly acquired car at the fourth round of the National Rally Championship this weekend in Fort Portal.

Sebuguzi will line up a Ford Fiesta Proto; officially ending a 16-year engagement with Mitsubishi rally cars.

His Mitsubishi trail is characterized by several event wins, three national titles and in recent years more mechanical disappointments.

“We had a lot of disappointments with the Evo. Even after they spent on everything to ensure it is fit for an event, something always came up and we dropped out.

“The plan to get a new car was always there but those consecutive setbacks escalated the need to get a new car as soon as possible, and that’s the Ford,” said Anthony Mugambwa, Sebuguzi’s co-driver.

Ronald Sebuguzi | Credit: John Batanudde

While the team earlier hinted on acquiring a full R5 car, they instead jumped on the Proto surge in the country; making it the third proto to grace Uganda rally.

“True, the team once wished to have the R5 and that is why they were delaying to purchase a new car. But after weighing options, looking at the prices and the rally atmosphere in the country, the proto was actually the best option.”

“The Proto is sustainable and has already proved to be a fast car. I believe it will give the team the results they have been yearning for,” he added.

Team Sebuguzi will be the team to watch in Fort Portal as a new Proto journey begins with the aim of ending all their woes.

Sebuguzi has not completed a single rally this year. 

“Honestly, the target in Fort portal is to have a decent finish. We’ll not want to risk it all on the first competition with the car. 

“So strategy is to take it easy as we acquaint ourselves with the car and get the finish the team is longing for this season.” 

Fort Portal rally will cover nine stages with a total competitive distance of 122.66kilometres. 

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