Heathens celebrate the Entebbe7's success at the Works Playground in Entebbe Credit: John Batanudde

Nile Special Entebbe 7’s:


  • Heathens 12-10 Jinja Hippos


  • Heathens 31-00 Pirates
  • Buffaloes 07-22 Jinja Hippos

Third place:

  • Buffaloes 12-19 Pirates

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

  • Joackim Chisano (Heathens)

Mary Nansikombi is a vendor who deals in fresh vegetables during the Saturday market day adjacent to the historical Entebbe Works Playground in Entebbe Municipality, opposite the Namate Church of Uganda and Watoto church.

Nansikombi is inquisitive about the oval-shaped Rugby ball that she has witnessed for the very first time in her life as the players arrived at the Municipality-owned roadside sports facility.

Rugby players pose with food stuffs at Entebbe Market

The Works Playground was the venue for the second circuit of the National 7s series, won by Heathens under the magic performances of Nicholas Kato and MVP Joackim Chisano.

On the eve of Saturday, 13th August 2022, Entebbe 7s Rugby circuit was one of the trending subjects on Twitter and this drew the attention of many people.

Many Entebbe residents and neighbours of this Lake Victoria Peninsular town thronged the Works Playground to watch the thrilling action of the Entebbe 7s coming a week after the Wakiso 7s that happened at Kings Park in Bweyogerere.

Entebbe was the 11th-hour substitute venue replacing Mbale city after the unfortunate floods.

First-timers like Nansikombi were lured to the venue given its strategic roadside location for the 7s circuit happening on the weekly market day as hosted by the home club, Plascon Mongers.

For starters, the Works ground has been often used by the women’s sides to host most of their games.

As early as 8 AM, action was underway under chilly weather conditions with the cold breeze from the nearby Lake Victoria.

Buffaloes were walkover beneficiaries over Kobs who arrived moments later.

Kobs recollected their pieces and won 14-12 over Impis in the subsequent game before falling to the home lads; Mongers 05-07.

Pirates, winners of the Wakiso 7s in Bweyogerere played a man less in their opening game against Boks, winning narrowly 05-00.

Heavens set loose as the rains irrigated the hitherto hard surface at Entebbe Works with some matches played during the downpour.

The Mongers-Kobs duel, the epic Heathens 7-all draw with Pirates and Warriors encounter against Boks were some of the games played under rainy conditions.

Even after the rains, play did not cease with the ground a little bit slippery and faster.

The quarterfinals, semifinal, classification, and final contest followed suit.

By the close of business, Heathens won the day with a 12-10 victory over a largely impressive Jinja Hippos side.

Heathens’ Joackim Chissano was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) as well as the top try scorer.

Joakim Chisano | Credit: John Batanudde

Thrilling rugby action aside, the Entebbe 7s will leave lasting impressions.

Market vendors including new convert Nansikombi abandoned their stalls to catch the enticing dummies, pacey take-ons and flying touch-downs over the try line.

“I will encourage my son in primary school to start training Rugby,” Nansikombi revealed in an interview later as dawn set in moments after the colorful prize-giving ceremony.

Rugby definitely won the day as fans feasted on the famous rolex delicacy, roasted chicken, fish, and beer.

The next 7s circuit will head to the West Nile region at the Green Light Stadium in Arua on 27th August 2022.

Results from the Entebbe 7’s Circuit:

First Round

  • Jinja Hippos 15-12 Walukuba Barbarians
  • Rams 20-00 Rhinos
  • Toyota Buffaloes 20-00 Kobs (walkover)
  • Impis 12-00 Mongers
  • Heathens 24-00 Warriors
  • Stanbic Black Pirates 05-00 Boks

Second Round

  • Jinja Hippos 26-14 Rhinos
  • Rams 07-07 Walukuba Barbarians
  • Toyota Buffaloes 24-05 Plascon Mongers
  • Impis 12-14 Kobs
  • Heathens 31-00 Boks
  • Pirates 24-00 Warriors


  • Heathens 21-14 Kobs
  • Buffaloes 28-14 Rhinos
  • Jinja Hippos 17-05 Impis
  • Pirates 12-07 Rams


  • Entebbe Mongers 7-12 Walukuba Barbarians
  • 5/6: Kobs 00-07 Rhinos
  • Third place: Buffaloes 12-19 Pirates


  • Heathens 31-00 Pirates
  • Buffaloes 07-22 Jinja Hippos


  • Heathens 12-10 Jinja Hippos

Most Valuable Player (MVP): Joackim Chissano (Heathens)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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