Credit: John Batanudde

Hassan Alwi proved that the short sabbatical from rally did not take away much of his pace as he put on a show in the just concluded Mbarara Rally over the weekend.

Alwi had last appeared in the Pearl of Africa Rally last year. He did not complete that event. Together with Musa Nsubuga in the Subaru Impreza N14, they put up a spirited fight against the front pack.

Hassan Alwi and Musa Nsubuga | Credit: John Batanudde

A thrilling drive secured the team fourth position overall behind eventual winner Yassin Nasser, Ronald Sebuguzi and Duncan Mubiru.

“Mbarara rally has been a good experience for me. So far, it looks to be a good start although our rally did not go well at the end.

“We are now looking forward to having a good season and we try to see that we go a bit faster and be in the competition. For now, we will try to attend as many events as possible,” Alwi told Kawowo Sports. 

The IUEA rally driver was in a battle for top spots with the new breed of cars which are superior to his; Mubiru and Sebuguzi’s Protos along with Yasin’s Ford Fiesta Rally5.

Hassan Alwi’sSubaru Impreza N14 | Credit: John Batanudde

Despite the upgrades from other drivers, Alwi says he will stick to his Subaru for a while.

“I enjoy this car. So, I might continue with the car for a while. It is a fun car to drive although sometimes it is unpredictable. 

“True, the new cars are much faster, it was not easy to catch their time. I really pushed hard but all I can say is, it was a good training for me,” he added. 

The next NRC event is scheduled for 10th-12th March in Eastern Uganda.

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