Hassan Hood Ssekatawa | Credit: NBS Sport

When the third season of the Kibuli Old Students Association (KOSA) League kicks off on September 17, there will be several changes.

Hajj Hassan Hood Ssekatawa, the president of KOSA League, in an interview with Kawowo Sports, highlighted the changes that will be coming next month.

“We are focusing on not only football [but] a lot of things. We are looking at having aerobics for the ladies and for the kids around every game week,” Ssekatawa said.

“We are also introducing ladies to be part of the games. Initially, we have been having seven-a-side with all men but now we want it to be a 7 aside or 8 aside with a lady so they can be part of the league,” he added.

The league started with just nine teams but it is expanding with every other season as the number will increase this term too from fifteen to at least 16 with Asunda (KOSA 13) joining the league while KOSA 18, 20 and 21 have expressed interest to join the alumni league.

Panamera in Naguru hosted the first season of the league before moving to Arches Gardens in Kisasi for Season Two and remains the host venue for Season 3.

However, Ssekatawa says plans for KOSA League to have its own home are in the pipeline.

“In my tenure, I’m looking forward to KOSA League having its own sports complex say the football pitch and office. I want the KOSA League not to be just about me or footballers but creating opportunities for others,” he says.

Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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