During the launch, FUFA president Moses Magogo revealed that FIFA will support the plan's implementation with a fund of USD 50,000.

On Tuesday, October 17, the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) released a Technical Master Plan ‘Football Bible’ at the Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

During the introduction, FUFA president Moses Magogo revealed that FIFA will contribute USD 50,000 to the plan’s implementation.

The fund will assist the football regulating body in bringing the concept to life, citing football as a trinity that moves with three tires which are finance, administration and sport.

“FIFA has given us an annual funding of 50,000 USD because they believe this program is the correct path to giving our football the long-deserved structure,” Magogo said.

“So we believe we have done it right, we have consulted the powers and the document we are coming up with addresses the questions that have lasted quite a while,” he added.

Need for a national philosophy

The question recently has been, ‘What is Uganda’s playing philosophy?’ and Magogo indicated that the newly unveiled plan will instruct on how to answer the desired query.

FUFA thinks that fostering mass football and developing a high-performance culture for elite performers will help to create a national ideology.

In the same breathe, Magogo urged clubs to prioritize entertaining but functional football in order to develop players capable of competing in the world’s top five leagues.

After preparing the plan for the last 10 months, FUFA believes it is the right time to put it in action.

“This is the time we are going to address football the sport, we have excelled in generating money and administration,” he said

“We have also done most importantly things that probably may not be as visible. All things are supposed to be merging at some point to move the three-tiered car smoothly.”

“I want to assure you that the moment is now. It cannot be better than now for us to go back and look at football the sport (what happens on the field of play).”

How will the plan be implemented?

If you fail to plan then you are planning fail, FUFA has tremendously achieved off the pitch now that they have launched a plan to cater for the challenges on the pitch the football faith will be excited about how quick the fruits will be tested.

Magogo asserted that the fruits will not be seen in a day’s time but the executive will keep holding periodical assessments to see how far they have moved on the journey that is set to last for seven years.

However among the quick highlights is the birth of FUFA badges, the initiative will guide coaches on which playing style should be used so as to create a national culture.

“When you have two kids who are equally talented and one gets access to training for 500 hours while the other gets training for 1000 hours the latter will end up a more improved player, isn’t that obvious?”

“If these two kids train equally for 1000 hours each the one who had a better coach will end up being a better player implementing that we need proper coaches,”

“I want to call upon the football fraternity that we might have whatever arguments and discussions but this religion called football should have a bible that should guide on how we approach football,” he concluded.

Magogo also added that after launching the technical master plan FUFA will embark on naming new technical teams to guide the respective national team back to glory days.

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  1. This is it! Finally!

    We should be careful though.
    You don’t want to create a rigid system that does not accommodate for the diverse youth we have in the country. Or worse, one that inhibits player’s development.

    A case in point, is the ultra defensive culture that has dominated UG men’s football at the top level, the last two decades, went too far and inhibited players from expressing themselves.

    How to reverse that without losing the defensive nous will be the key.
    Let’s wait and see.

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