It is not the first time that a Uganda Christian University (UCU) sports team has withdrawn from a sporting event due to budgetary limitations.

The UCU Lady Canons are the latest team to withdraw from the FIBA Africa Women’s Basketball League 2023 Qualifiers.

The development has been a big blow for the players, and Shakira Navubya has expressed her disappointment to Kawowo Sports.

In a phone interview with Navubya, she indicated that the news of the team’s withdrawal from the tournament has left her feeling dissatisfied and devastated.

“I think we are now getting used to the different surprises the University gives us. This is not the first tournament they have failed us, they always claim a lack of money and as players, we have no way through, just know we are always hurt,” Navubya revealed.

“There are a number of players in the squad who have never played in any other tournament apart from the [National Basketball] League and they fought so hard to take the team to Zone V. But it’s disappointing that our sweat was put to waste,” she added.

“Regardless of the performance in the league, we were surely motivated ahead of Zone V. It’s really bad that the University cannot afford to take us to Kigali, not even outside East Africa but just here in Rwanda after us fighting so hard and putting them out we are not going anywhere.”

“The fact that we are not being paid cash, these are one of the things that motivate us. Taking us to tournaments we have qualified for so we are so discouraged and it will take time to heal.”

“It puts us in a place not motivated to work hard again because we know even though we do so and qualify nothing will happen. We are given tuition and we appreciate but these small things are crucial to motivate the girls,” she concluded.

The Zone V Championship will be held at LDK Gymnasium in Kigali, Rwanda starting on Saturday, October 28 until November 4.

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