Isaiah Mwesige (middle) with Sarah Bennett


As the journey continues, Isaiah Mwesige stands ready to embrace every opportunity and face every challenge head-on in his pursuit of growing the game of golf in Uganda.

In a remarkable journey that spans over three years, Isaiah Mwesige, a passionate youth from Uganda, has remained unwavering in his pursuit to provide access to golf and instill life skills and environmental sustainability among children in his home country through the AFRIYEA Golf Academy program based at Toro Club in Fort Portal city.

 As Mwesige continues to explore collaborative opportunities to expand the game of golf in the “Pearl of Africa,” as christened by Winston Churchill in 1908, he had the privilege of meeting Sarah Bennett, the 2022 Captain of the PGA of the UK and Ireland.

Others were Colchester Golf Club Captain, Kate Hughes, and Ian Mullins, igniting great excitement and hope for the future.

Bennett is known for her go-getter attitude and extensive coaching experience across Europe, has played an instrumental role in running various programs for children, with a particular focus on empowering girls through golf clinics.

Sarah Bennett

Her dedication and wisdom about the golf industry make her an invaluable source of inspiration for Mwesige.

During their meeting, Mwesige had the opportunity to share his story of passion and determination with Bennett and the team as they explored potential avenues to support his efforts of growing the game of golf in Uganda, leveraging Bennett’s expertise and guidance.

The exchange of ideas and insights among these individuals proved to be a fruitful encounter that could potentially pave the way for collaborative initiatives to drive positive change.

Mwesige’s relentless efforts to create opportunities and cultivate a love for golf among the youth of Uganda align perfectly with Bennett’s mission to empower children through the sport.

Their shared passion and commitment serve as a springboard for meaningful endeavors that aim to make golf more accessible and inclusive in Uganda.

The 2022 PGA Team

As Mwesige engages in his ongoing search for like-minded individuals and organizations to join him in this noble cause, his encounters with influential figures like Bennett serve as a constant reminder that dreams can be achieved through perseverance and collaboration.

The meeting with Sarah has propelled Isaiah’s vision forward and provided him with a renewed sense of hope and motivation.

As the journey continues, Mwesige stands ready to embrace every opportunity and face every challenge head-on in his pursuit of growing the game of golf in Uganda.

Inspired by his meeting with Bennett, Mwesige remains committed to making a difference in the lives of young Ugandans, imparting not only golf skills but also core values and life lessons that will shape their future.

Mwesige’s golf academy program has over thousands of children, and he and the coaches move to various schools and communities.

For starters, Bennett is a specialist coach who has held the highly respected role of PGA Captain 2022.

She followed in the footsteps of Bernard Gallacher, an iconic Ryder Cup Captain and player.

This is undoubtedly the highest honor achievable within the industry and only the second female ever since 1901.

The first appointment was to the late Beverly Lewis, who ironically was Benette’s first coach and mentor.

In addition, she is the chair of WPGA as of 2023 and is passionate about the development of the women’s game, covering all areas.

“The driver for me personally is for every golfer to experience that uncontrollable infectious smile during and a coaching session” remarked Bennett.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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