Isaiah Mwesige and Leighton Walker at the 2023 Golf Club Managers Association (GCMA) Conference


Drawing inspiration from their work at the AFRIYEA Golf Academy, Mwesige and Walker emphasized the importance of instilling life skills in young golfers.

Isaiah Mwesige and Leighton Walker made a notable appearance at the Golf Club Managers Association (GCMA) Conference 2023, held in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Mwesige is the chief executive officer (CEO) of AFRIYEA Golf Academy in Uganda whilst Walker is the chairperson of the Board.

Walker also serves as the General Manager of Cirencester Golf Club.

The two captivated delegates with their compelling presentation on the topic of improving lives through Golf

Golf Club Managers Association (GCMA) workshop in Leicester, United Kingdom.

From 12th to 14th November 2023, the GCMA Conference brought together club managers from across Europe for a three-day event.

Mwesige and Walker hosted the break-away session, where they focused on the topic of “improving lives through golf.”

The duo urged attendees to embrace life skills and environmental sustainability in the realm of junior golf coaching.

Drawing inspiration from their work at the AFRIYEA Golf Academy, Mwesige and Walker emphasized the importance of instilling life skills in young golfers.

They highlighted the significance of providing these aspiring athletes with the tools to not only excel in the sport but also thrive in various aspects of life.

Isaiah Mwesige with Conor Moore, a sports celebrity

The break-away session also shed light on the incorporation of environmental sustainability into junior coaching programs.

By introducing children to the importance of environmental protection at an early age, they develop a passion for preserving their surroundings and a sense of responsibility for future generations.

The GCMA Conference, hosted in Hinckley, Leicester, attracted approximately 300 attendees, including GCMA members, industry experts, and various partners.

Regarded as Europe’s largest gathering of club managers, this event served as a valuable platform for networking, education, inspiration, and the sharing of strategies to enhance the golf industry.

The collaborative environment of the conference allowed like-minded professionals to exchange knowledge, discuss industry trends and collaborate on innovative approaches to elevate golf club management practices.

The engaging presentations and discussions showcased the unwavering commitment of the GCMA and its members to continually raise standards within the industry.

Some of the participants at the 2023 GCMA workshop pose for a group photo

Mwesige shared his perspective on the importance of instilling life skills in young golfers, saying,

“Golf is not just a sport but a valuable tool for shaping well-rounded individuals. By nurturing skills such as discipline, resilience, and teamwork, we empower these young golfers to excel not only on the course but also in their personal and professional lives.” Mwesige remarks.

This conference is like no other, and the GCMA will surely challenge the golf industry on the greatest values of teamwork and the creation of team culture, which is growing the world management.

“At a personal level, attending this conference has exposed me to not only what other golf course managers are doing but also learning from other organizations like the good work of the Golf Foundation and England Golf. And I have been lucky to be in the mix with good people who are doing good work for the industry.” Mwesige added.

The event had key note speakers such as Owen Eastwood who has worked with Europe’s winning 2023 Ryder cup team and also the owner of Book belonging which was released in 2023 and it debuted in Amazon top 40 and has been ranked no1 amazon for business coaching and business management

Others include Kevin Fish, Craig Haldane and Brendan Hall.

The event had tittle sponsors such as Fairway Credit, Rain Bird among others.

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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