Akawoowo is a term used by many Ugandan soccer fans to refer to soccer that involves a lot of passing the ball on the ground and with flair. Each time akawoowo is used its always Barcelona, Arsenal or soccer that involves akawoowo under discussion. But let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of akawoowo in relation to any other sport to be specific basketball. can it apply? Oh yes, I think it does. Think of a basketball game involving beautiful passing and dribbling, magnificent execution of shots from all ranges and fast breaks leading to breath taking dunks and basic lay ups, huh?

Many amazing things happen in a single basketball game. We have seen brilliant plays, beautiful crossover dribbles, terrific assists as well as super blocks and drama that comes along when poor decisions are taken like we saw an umpire attack a fan in the Ndejje Vs Falcons FUBA game last season, Kevin Garnett in the Phoenix Suns Vs Boston Celtics in the 2011 NBA game and many other incidents of a kind.

There are many people who for some reasons don’t catch such action and keep wondering how they will be upto date with everything in the game. We got you covered at www.kawowo.com where you will find and keep up to date with news, results reactions and developments as far as Uganda basketball is concerned. Watch for the game day previews and game statistics and other posts on local basketball plus the inside and out of local basketball. There will also be comparisons between the local basketball league and other basketball leagues especially the NBA that many basketball fans follow, and the lessons to pick from those leagues in terms of administration, playing and organisation.

Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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