Once the tipping point is reached, the slide becomes harder to arrest than ever. What starts as a slight set back risks becoming a permanent situation, the enshrinement of the inability to compete. Midway the season the charging rhinos were playoff bound, six games later there is not even an outside chance that they will be in the top flight division next season.

Rhinos who were fifth placed (then) in the division standings just two points behind the then (and still) fourth placed UCU Canons with less than seven games to end of the regular season now have not even a chance to play for survival with two games to end their regular season schedule and as a matter of fact they are returning to the division they left just a season ago.
Power’s 107-65 wash of Rhino (4-12) set off their slide during which they put up a series of poor performances that included those against Ndejje and KIU who condemned them to division 2. All through the second half of the season Rhino have looked a psychologically soft team and have lacked the nerve of a playoff team in this round of games with their inability to withstand and overcome the forces imposed by the opposition. This has made them as good as a relegation bound side and are likely to be joined by Heaters (3-13) having lost 55-79 to UCU Canons on Sunday evening.

Franklin Kaweru

Franklin Kaweru is the Editor in Chief of Kawowo Sports. He is an ardent basketball enthusiast.

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