Golf season starts at Entebbe golf club
Winner- Diana Kenyangi- h/c 36  – 78 net
Men:- Group C
Winner- Innocent Kihika h/c 24 – 70 net
Runner Up- Barnabas Bakamutumaho h/c 28 – 73 net
Group B
Winner- Major General Benon Biraro- h/c 11 – 74 net
Runner up- Kaggwa Paul- h/c 17 – 75 net
Group A
Winner Morris Ongwech h/c 4 76 net
Runner up Mugisha Patrick h/c 0 79 net
Overrall winner:- Eron Ecel h/c 25 69 net

Diana Kenyangi- 120 points
Irene Nakalembe- 100 points
Maxi Byenkya- 80 points
Erone Ecel 120 points

Erone Ecel and Diana Kenyangi, started the golfing season at the Entebbe golf club in style on Saturday when they claimed the first Orange/Castle Lite mug of the month of January.

The two golfers beat a strong field of seventy five players to start their season on a high. Ecel playing off handicap 25 returned to the club house with a score of 69 nett to claim the overall title in the men’s category while Diana Kenyangi playing off handicap 36 returned with a overall score of 78 nett to scoop the ladies overall crown.

Prior to tee off, Orange Uganda Limited renewed its sponsorship for the year long event with Entebbe Club making it worth over 200 million in conjunction with Castle Lite( Nile Breweries) for the 2012 season.

Last year’s winner Moses Sebugwawo chewed his card indicating that he had made a false start in defence of his championship for the men’s title while Maxi Byenkya managed to gather 80 points for January. The surprise winner of the day was Innocent Kihika h/c 24 who played 70 net a feat he had previously done the day before at the club night.

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