Bell Uganda Cup: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly

There is no doubt that URA FC are Champions of the Bell Uganda Cup 2012 after beating Bunamwaya SC 1-0 in the finals played at Pece stadium. Kawowo sports analyses this year’s competitions highligting the good, the bad and the ugly. Lets get started.


The idea of playing the finals up country was an excellent innovation as people from such areas also need such opportunities to rekindle the love for the beautiful game. Secondly, it a was a competitive 2012 campaign. Record holders Express FC were eliminated by a lower division side, Proline FC exited at the hands of big league side Jinja Municipal while giants KCC FC didn’t even reach the quarter finals. Thirdly, there was a constant flow of information from the FUFA Competitions Committee (FCC) through out this year’s competition. All teams that got eliminated never contested results and or re-entered like it happened last season. Remember Mutundwe and Baza sagas?

The consistent late arrivals of match officials. It happened twice in games involving SC.Villa versus Ndejje University and Mbarara Old Timers in the round of 32 and 16 respectively. At Ndejje, a fan voluteered as an assistant while the old timer’s duel was delayed by over 20 minutes. The choice of Pece stadium for the finals was not good. True the idea of finals rotation is good but the pitch surface didn’t suit to host a game of such magnitude. It was 90% murram yet we had other up country pitches better than that. The dressing rooms only got painted after Daily monitor’s article which showed the nation the pictures of the stadium.

Thirdly, the charges for the game were so high. It wasn’t cool for the upcountry game to be priced 5,000/= and 20,000/= for stands and Pavillion respectively. Perhaps its the reason the match was not watched by a mammoth crowd as expected. Amazingly, half of the spectators at Pece were from Kampala and comprised of scribes and soccer administrators. The locals resorted to high buildings and trees where they caught the game.


Twice teams failed honour their fixtures with no convicing reasons. Kwania FC and Boroboro were culprits for failure to show up for their fixtures against Villa and Police FC. This kills the competitiveness of this traditional competition. Hooliganism exhibited by Villa fans in their tie against URA FC at Lugazi was among the ugly sides of this 2012 editions. People should embrace the results of the beautiful game regardless what impact they have on their sides.

Poor media treatment at Pece grounds: The sports scribes who did cover the event were mistreated at the gates. At one point, a police man at the gate had to tell the media that it wasn’t time for them to access the stadium, amazingly, it was just an hour to kick off. Can u imagine!

Lastly, it wasn’t nice holding a final with over six fixtures left to accomplish the league. It would nice if it was a played a week prior to or after the end of the league.

Senior Staff writer at Kawowo Sports mainly covering football

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