Men: D’Mark Power v UCU Canons 8:30pm Lugogo
Women: A-1 Challenge v Gladiators 6:30pm Lugogo
The FUBA playoffs are set to begin tomorrow and several local teams will be trying to reach the state tournament in their respective classifications. In a press conference held today the President of FUBA Ambrose Tashobya was unveiling the new sponsors on board who will be gracing the tournament. The usual sponsor’s castle lite and Rwenzori bottling company will be the sponsors but the sponsorship package wasn’t unveiled to the press. But remember top basketball teams have another chance to gauge their readiness for the eagerly awaited playoffs in the basketball arena.

ON paper D’Mark power is almost among the strongest team in the playoffs. There is no doubt about that. However, basketball is played on court not on paper. Power ended the regular season in the third position while UCU canons managed the 5th position. The play offs do begin tomorrow with only first division teams playing that is in A1 challenge VS Gladiators and in the men’s category D’mark Power VS UCU Canons.
This year’s edition will for the first time have the quarter finals.
“What we experienced with in the zone v tournament will be no more as every thing was fixed “said Ambrose Tashobya.
Meanwhile, in the women’s category the 2005 league champions A-1 Challenge will take on Gladiators in a battle that could determine the positions with in the playoffs.
FUBA has secured three venues in YMCA, MUK grounds and the indoor stadium in Lugogo but top games will probably be played in Lugogo.
Great news will be to the fans as the entrance fee remains constant as that of the regular season
Entry Tickets rate
10,000 VIP
5,000 Ordinary tickets
2500 for students and players

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