Two leagues and claims for two federations operating at the same time is the climax of the football wrangles that have rocked the beautiful game for the last two years. Amazingly, this entire fracas is happening with the minister of state for sports watching without any constructive interference to curb this down.

This has led to many a Ugandans who follow the domestic beautiful game religiously to apportion the biggest blame of all this for his inability to act and sort this circus forever.

He has always sat on the fence trying hard not to annoy both factions (USL and FUFA) thus leaving the game in the rot. At the peak of wrangles last season, the minister instituted a commission led by legendary sports administrator Hajji Abbas Kawaase which he tasked to deeply research into the root cause of the circus and make recommendations where necessary.

It’s surprising that Bakkabulindi has sat on the report released two months ago by the committee. When asked when he is willing to put the report to work by a colleague in the media, the minister said; “I have finally read the report, internalized it and will come up with a statement in a fortnight”. This sounds good if it’s what he sincerely meant but his word can only be trusted after it passed.

He also met some members of the USL led by Fred Muwema and Julius Kabenge on Thursday in a bid to bring this confusing state of Ugandan football to an end. In the meeting, the minister listened to their side of the story and also watched the CD of the Fufa General Assembly which passed the constitution that is alleged to have dissolved the Mulindwa led executive since the contentious transitional clause was never discussed. For starters, this is the clause which 11 of the 16 super league clubs allege to have utilised to elect Mr. Muwema as the interim president of Fufa thus giving birth to a second federation.

The minister closed the meeting by confirming that he also met and listened to Mulindwa led Fufa side of the story who also presented their evidence which confirms that the transitional clause was discussed, passed and not just legally inserted as the other faction claim. He also promised to come out with a statement in the next 14 days. 

He went as far as claiming that in case of failure to reach consent, he is ready to consult the solicitor general for the utmost decision.

“After getting both sides of the story, I am in a right position to make a decision and will try to ensure agreement is reached sooner than later to save the game”.

All said, the minister has always talked but never acted. It’s no surprise that legendary sports pundit Joseph Kabuleta once described him as someone who takes himself less serious than what people take him for while The Observer’s John Vianney Nsimbe referred to him as one who speaks but says nothing at all in one of his articles.

This can all be quashed if his fourteen days ultimatum yields something constructive. It’s high time he acted to save the sport that unites the nation more than anything else. Time is now.

Senior Staff writer at Kawowo Sports mainly covering football

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