Uganda might not be a swimming power house globally,but for its efforts to develop swimming in the East Africa region together with its neighbours world swimming body FINA has appointed three referees and two starters to their list of swimming officials that they released this month.

The Uganda Swimming Federation officials that where appointed include Peter Mugisha(in picture),Abel Ddamulira and William Buyondo, these are in class A that is FINA referees others include USF president Don Rukare and Lillian Mugisha.

“This is a historic achievement for USF and I congratulate the new new  FINA officials. We look forward to them officiating at national, regional and international events,”. Rukare, said in a written statement. “This goes a long way in bolstering our capacity to not only officiate at the regional and international level but also host  international level events.”

 This new appointments come in the wake of Uganda getting set to host the CANA Zone V swimming championships in 2014 it will be the biggest international swimming championships that the country will be hosting together with the local swimming body USF.

Last year in September the continent’s swimming body CANA appointed Don Rukare, as a vice president the first of its kind for Uganda showing that the nation was developing its structures and the sports well.

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