US based Professional squash player Ibrahim Nyanzi is eyeing a return to Uganda to try and boost the sport during the New Year as he sets his eyes on rising up the ranks.

“I will be coming to Uganda in March for a holiday this year,” Nyanzi told Kawowo sports. “I won’t be playing any tournament, but want to come and motivate and help the players in Uganda with their game.”

Nyanzi who is based in Baltimore, USA is ranked 296 on the Professional Squash Association rankings last year he managed to participate in two tournaments one in Mexico and the other in Brazil where he picked 13,000 and 25,000 points respectively after losing in the first round of the two PSA tournaments.

“I intend to play more tournaments this year and am looking forward to rising in the world rankings,” Nyanzi explained. “I hope to attempt more games in Europe.”

The 27 year old was Uganda’s previous number one squash player after dethroning then number one Chris Musaazi. Uganda’s current number one locally is Squash Player of the Year Michael Kawooya.

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