One local team is thinking of withdrawing from the NSSF -KAVC INTERNATIONAL 2013 that starts this weekend because without external forces, winning the Mem seems to be a tall order. Can you imagine?

The Mem General Competition Regulations were released to the competing teams this week. And rule four has been a contentious issue on social network platforms. It reads: Local teams are required to feature only players who are registered in the UVF National League or who have played in the national schools competitions. Now is this when l ask, is it about win, win, win and win or also giving your players the chance to grow as a team against better opposition?

Talent can’t be developed in two days, has been the reasoning of many, and my response is in two words; ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. It might be just two days, but when you have played against the opposition that has been there, done it works for me.

We (me and some clubs from Uganda) were in a Kigali for the Rwanda Genocide Memorial Tournament. Ndejje, KAVC, KCCA (Women) played against Pipeline and APR. Coaches, Johnson Kawenyera, Hannington Nsubuga and Isaac Omedo didn’t care; they just threw their girls out there. And they experienced what it is like to play against better and mean opposition; they were exposed as a team. But a thing or two was learnt.

When Nemostars traveled for the Africa Club Championship in Tripoli, I remember on the plane back home having a word with Omalinga Benedicto aka Oben. To him, working towards becoming a better player for Nemostars was all that was on his mind. Oben and the rest had been exposed to an all-new kind of volleyball. Simply because Oben was given a chance that he earned for leading Nemostars to the 2012 league title and was exposed in Libya. Ask yourself, would Oben have had the same zeal if his coach Anthony Ndawula had replaced him with any other player from another club. I don’t think so.

The biggest rivalry today in Ugandan volleyball is between Sky and Nemostars. During this year’s Aporu-Okol tourney, Yakan Lawrence was registered to play for Sky but only against one team Nemostars, he did and Sky lost the game. Seven times the two side have met, Nemostars have been superior on six, the only one time Sky have edged Nemostars they didn’t have Yakan in their roster.

Winning titles is the reason we all love sports, but patience and the right measures have to be taken to achieve that feat. If Sport-S can win the league with their own players, what makes it had for them to win Aporu-Okol or even Mem with the same team that has won them the league?

KAVC (Men) has been in the finals of their own tournament several times, one time they even defeated Sport-S who had imported from wherever. If KAVC can do it, what stops, Sport-S, Sky and the rest to follow suit.

The time is now to wake up. All clubs in Uganda today l believe are attached to a school or two. Invest in those boys and girls until they come of age. Sport-S have Mark Okurut from Kitende who is a pillar in their team. Nkumba and KAVC have a few that have seen turn out for Kinaawa. Ndejje women have made SDA Katikamu a hub for talent. The rest of you shut up and get down to work. The money you invest in foreigners for the two today tournament can look after a secondary school boy attached to you for a month, or am wrong. Think about it.

Senior staff writer at Kawowo Sports mainly covering volleyball, football and badminton

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