Selected Results: Senior Pool League:

Sat, 5th October:

Scrap Yard 17 – 3 Transformer

Skin Samona 17 – 3 Casablanca

Rock Catalina 12 – 8 Spice

Sun, 6th October:

Scrap Yard 14 – 6 Isabella

Skin Samona 12 – 8 Perfection

Takers 11 – 9 Catalina

Scrap Yard Pool, a Kisenyi based pool club has consolidated their leadership at the top of the Pilsner Senior Pool League following two remarkable victories over the opening weekend of the second round.

On Saturday they started with a very big win against their neighbours Transformer in a  17 – 3 whitewash. Again on Sunday, they humiliated Isabella 12 to 6 goals.

Gamecity who Levels points with Scrapyard also won their two weekend games with a  13 to 7 win against Isabella on Saturday and a 14 to 6 win against  Capital Nite at Home.

Defending Champions Skin Samona were also on good form when slashed Casablanca 17 to 3 at Pacify hotel, the Skin Samona home ground. On Sunday Perfection suffered there first loss in 16 at the hands of Skin Samona.

In  the Pilsner Pool League One, Hotpool remained the only club with an unbeaten record in the Pilsner League of Kings. Hotpool beat QPA on Saturday 14 to 6 and and edged Mayfair 12 to 8 on Sunday.

“Our target is to be promoted to the Pilsner Senior Pool League and am Happy to see my team unbeaten at this time”, said Kim Kirunga the Hot pool team captain.

Meanwhile, in a bid to make the sport more competitive hence enhance talent and performance, Pilsner has on top of the UGX 200M given to PAU last year for the pool league sponsorship injected more money into pool. Alongside the Pilsner League of Kings Sponsorship, Uganda Breweries unveiled “The Pilsner King of Bold Monthly Pool Player Award” which shall recognise and reward the best pool player in the pool league on a monthly basis.

The award, which shall run for 12 months, will be given out to the best performer in all Pilsner Pool Leagues for each month starting with October 2013. The monthly winner shall walk away with a trophy and UGX 100,000 cash prize.

“Our commitment to grow pool remains deeply rooted in our thoughts and we shall continue working with PAU to improve not only the sport itself but also enhance the lives of pool players. As we look into the future, we see more engagement between Pilsner and PAU and we’ll continue supporting PAU programs to extend pool to the countryside”, said Mark Mugisha, EABL’s Marketing Manager.

The award is expected to exponentially increase the level of competition amongst players, make the Pilsner League of Kings more exciting and add value to what the fans see. “We need players who play with purpose and this award shall deliver exactly that. The result shall be improved skills and professionalism – the very ideals upon which our effort to grow the sport is built. At PAU, we find pride in our partnership with EABL and we thank Pilsner for their their continued support for PAU programs”, Said Farouk W. Kisuze, the PAU Chairman.

While launching the Pilsner League of Kings Second Round, Mark Mugisha, the EABL’s Marketing Manager, handed over Jerseys for the clubs, uniforms for the umpires, Trophies for the three Pilsner Leagues and tophies for the monthly awards to Farouk Kisuze, the PAU Chairman who received them on behalf of the Pool Association.

About the Pilsner League of Kings:

The Pilsner League of Kings is composed of three top fight national pool leagues including the Pilsner Senior Pool League (Division 1 of Men) with 16 Clubs Pilsner League One (Division 2 of Men) with 16 Clubs and Pilsner Ladies Pool League (Ladies Category) with 20 Clubs.

Clubs are located across the country mainly in Kampala, Jinja, Wakiso, Busunju. Other additions to the Pilsner League of Kings 2013 Package include funds to facilitate and support clubs in all Pilsner Pool Leagues, Trophies and Cash Prizes for the Top Scorers in all Leagues, and more cash prizes for the participating clubs based on performance at the end of the season. “We are happy to receive this much needed financial boost from Pilsner.

NEXT ROUND OF GAMES: Senior Pool League (12th October 2013):

Scrap yard Pool Cub V Boat

Capital Night V Kyadalu

Rock Catalina V Game City

Nakawa V Kupa

Perfection V Transformer

Takers V Casablanca

Isabella V Skin Samona

Volts V Spice

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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