I am straightforward to recognise the talent that tag-rugby and youth rugby development initiatives have unveiled unto clubs through schools, as well as the hard work of the Rugby Union, but for the one outrageous result in this year’s Elgon Cup edition, the expeditious voyage to misery may have been unfettered.

From a hard earned seven point lead at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, Rugby Cranes miserably succumbed to the biggest ever defeat margin in the history of the Elgon Cup since 2004.

34-0 was the score at full time for the men’s side, at the time Kenya decided to front its second string national side having downplayed the quality and competition their opponents were showcasing. And well, it seems like the minuscule edge Ugandans ought to have clung onto is apparently strewn in wreckage now!

What more good can Uganda offer? The U-19 lost 27-12 despite securing a good first-leg result of 15-10 while the Lady Rugby Cranes side suffered double loss at the hands of the Lionesses.

Okay, its known that based on the previous performances, second leg hosts have always had the advantage over the encounter but at least a couple of points against Kenya A would have shelved considerable magnitude of shock!

Even though the result painted a quite faint picture of what really happened for the fans away, this was the best chance to prove that ‘seniors deserve seniors’. However, the situation exploded out of control as fans that made it to Kenya unbelievably witnessed disaster befall the Ugandan rugby fraternity.

Although it barely took long to pin the misfortune on head coach Peter Magona and his current team for the results, let’s summon into mind him presiding over the same side that broke a four match losing streak against Senegal along with the latest 21-14 victory at home against Kenya.

Generally, gratifying results have not come since 2012. The national team has only managed to emerge victorious thrice in ten encounters which culminated in demotion from tier 1A to 1C and in my opinion, apart from inadequate conditioning and facilities for clubs, the technical bit and all to do with highly qualified trainers and coaches still lacks.

The schools and U-19 sides present hopes of brighter and better teams but development, incorporation into the competitive league and perfection issues require touch of international or high profile coaches if you like.

The Rugby Union can be credited for the shuffle in the league that has obviously been done for the better despite growing criticism, introduction of the Rugby Super Series and spread of the game all over the country but in addition to the efforts, investment in personnel can be given a chance once again.

External friendly matches could present a great deal of learning experiences if a remedy is to be realised in the near future.

Deputy Editor at Kawowo Sports. He is an aspiring Sport Psychologist.

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