The beauty of many a sporting event world over lies under its magnetic appeal to the ardent massive following.

Whereas a fraction of the fans throng the stadia, arenas, race circuits and other sports venues with a prime target of cheering their respective teams under the name of securing victories, majority are inclined under the umbrella of entertainment and ultimate joy.

If sports was all about entertainment, then Uganda’s Moto cross icon, Michael Sekubomba, Kick boxer Moses Golola, Kenyan Athlete Ezekiel Komboi would be automatic gold medal winners even without dropping a sweat.

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 Michael Sekubomba may not be the most sounding name outside the moto-cross fraternity but the personality embedded under the tag is as charming as purified gold.

Outspoken, funny and blessed with an array of all sorts of vocal artillery, Sekubomba is adored by all in equal measure – the young and the aged.

“When I get onto the bike, I want to entertain as well as compete. Whatever my heart tells me to perform is what I oblige to”, Sekubomba, donning his customary green leave on the helmet opens up.

Attraction to Moto – Cross:

Sekubomba joined this fast growing sport 6 years ago and does not regret having trended the path.

“I was inspired by Ahmed Mbaziira to begin serious riding of bikes in 2008 and I started with the 250 C.C event until I graduated to my current MX 1 category”, he tells Kawowo Sports.


Due to several personal positives picked along the way, Sekubomba does not have any regrets having joined Moto-cross.

“I am now known countrywide because of moto-cross and besides I travelled and won lots of friends through the networking power of the sport”, the Serena Academy sponsored rider adds.

Career Pitfalls:

Sekubomba’s lowest moment in his otherwise glittering career has been the accident he got in his home area of Kitebi.

“I was on my bike one evening as I smashed somebody’s kitchen, but luckily no one was injured” he says.

He is quick to castigate personalities who loathe his character. “Sometimes I pity people who say that I am proud. Infact I am just bold and I do bold things on the bike”, he brags.

Football Career:

The father of 3 is a former footballer who also featured prominently in the Uganda Premier League with State House football club as a goal keeper.

He also played for Bunamwaya F.C (now Vipers F.C) during the team’s early promotional years in the Wakiso Division one league between 1999 to 2003.

What Others Say about Him:

Arthur Blick Junior (Rally and Moto Cross Ace): He has energized the sport of moto-cross with hie never say die attitude. Just love his character.

John Batanudde (Sports Journalist): Sekubomba’s character reminds me of Moses Golola (Kick boxer). His mouth is on form more than the actions.

Fortune Sentamu (Moto – Cross Ace): He is a funny man and we love him so much.


Full Names: Michael Sekubomba

Date of Birth: 15th February 1979

Residence: Kitebi

Parents: Paul Sekubomba and Jane Nanyonga

Moto Cross Debut: 2008

Current Moto Cross Class: MX 1

Major Moto Cross Honours: East African MX 2 champion at Jumhuri Park, Nairobi (2012)

Inspired by: Ahmed Mbaziira

Sponor: Geofrey Ddumba (of Serena Academy, Lweza)

Football Career: Played in Uganda Premier League with State House F.C (1996 – 1998), Bunamwaya F.C (1999 – 2004), Vipers F.C Goal Keepers’ Coach (2011-2013).

Family: Married with 3 children (Gerry, Gillian and Gervinho Ggaliwango)

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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