Just a brief thought about Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) performance by a few individuals.

They deceived you that the jerseys would be procured from China, but they were bought from downtown Kampala.

Nobody has ever seen the details of the sponsorship deal UVF has with National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

Even at the 2015 AGM, nothing was said about the sponsorship.

When NSSF realized there was a problem with their deal, they called for a meeting with stake holders (club managers) and a number of issues agreed on.

UVF was tasked to circulate the minutes of the meeting but up to now, not even a dot of the meeting title has ever reached the clubs.

They deceived through the media that they were going to buy equipment as part of the sponsorship deal, but the league had no balls 70% of the time.

The nets they branded NSSF were just a previous donation from Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB).

They too deceived that NSSF was fully sponsoring the National team, but evidently UVF is a heap of lies.

They told us that the sponsorship deal was to cater for referees (allowances, feeding and dressing but not rent) and to pay for the venue.

I do not know why they now want to force jerseys on teams. Truly there is only one team that gains from the sponsor.

Why the rest should be dragged along that “horse parade”.

According to the new rules to govern the league, if a team misses a match, they pay a fine of Shs500, 000.

How insane can a person be, to pay a fine three times more than what they pay for participation.

The managers’ meeting was chaired by the treasurer Joseph Odong (who is seemingly a puppet) instead of the General Secretary (Joyce Achan) under whose docket all these competitions lie.

I am sure 98% of the volleyball players don’t even know who the General Secretary is.

Think about this; If a team has their own sponsor who can give them Shs30m and above per year and that sponsor does not want NSSF jerseys without any benefit.

UVF is saying that look, “you either do away with that sponsor and put on our jerseys or you stay with your sponsor and leave the league.”

Madness of Volleyball in Uganda!

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