When FUFA announced the “Female Footballer of the Year” award would be among the 11 categories to be vied for by various sports women and men, questions on how the women football fraternity could use this avenue to table its potential and not who of the trio of Winnie Babirye (Buikwe She Reds) Sandra Nabweteme and Hasifah Nasuuna of Kawempe Muslim would scoop it crossed my mind.

This unprecedented category in Uganda’s Women Football just like the successful debut season last year should be aiming at encouraging and keeping the momentum of Women Footballers and or the fraternity alive.

Factual it is that Women football by far needs double efforts to reach a greater height and a fortiori it is that some effort by the federation through especially the capacity building programs and now
this award recognition has shone a light.

Much as they are yet to prove their martiality against veterans Oliver Mbekeka, Najidah Nantanda, Christine Wanyana, Fatuma Luwedde and Nampijja, these 3 lads have given their best to demonstrate to the world that indeed women football potential in Uganda is ignorantly underrated.

That Nabweteme scored 17 goals in the 12 matches of last season, better than over half of the top talismen in the male top tier league for the last 10 years is an eye opener that indeed the women game is potentious thanks to recent FUFA initiative and other stake holders trend to develop, tap and market this virgin sporting sector.

The awards may be targeting the best of the three but I would rather think it catered for all the nominees mindful of the clogged history the game has been through.


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