As the kids at the KAVC Volleyball Clinic continue to pick the various basics of the game, reception remains a tough challenge for them.

“Reception still gives them problems,” Dannie Okwee, one of the instructors told Kawowo Sports. “While receiving the ball, the body posture matters and that is still hard for the kids to master,” he added.

The number of the kids turning up for the event keeps growing and there are now over 50 registered participants.

“The number is good but there is absenteeism,” Okwee revealed after the Friday session that was attended by 28 kids.

The girls continue to out-number their male counterparts, 18 of the 28 who turned up on Friday were girls and they look the more committed during the sessions.

“The kids are all eager to learn and that makes our work a lot easier,”

The Total-sponsored event takes place three days a week (Monday,Wednesday and Friday)

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