Whether you are a fan of basketball, football, golf, or any other sport, you are probably aware of the increasing popularity of sports betting within the community of sports fans. However, there are many sports fans who would like to get involved in sports betting as an additional way to have sports related fun, and with the hopes of also making some extra money on the side. But much of the time these people who are new to sports betting are unsure where to begin! And let us be honest, the world of old sports betting can be a little bit complicated and intimidating for a complete beginner. There are often a lot of specific betting terms you may not completely understand, and you may also be unsure of how certain aspects of the betting process work. But do not worry; welcome to sports betting 101 for beginners!

The first thing you need to know about sports betting is that is largely takes place online these days. You do not need to have a special connection with a bookmaker and meet with them every time you want to place a bet. The internet has revolutionized the way sports betting happens –for the better. Now, you just need to find a reputable betting site online, and you do place all the bets you want from your computer or your mobile device!

You may have also heard of free bets, and wondered what are free bets? Perhaps you think that there must be some kind of a trick to this; but really it is what is says it is. Free bets are wagers that you can make, but that will not cost you any money. These free bets are offered a promotion on online betting sites as a welcome bonus for signing up for an account. Being given a generous amount of free bets when you make your first deposit means that you will stand more of a chance of winning big!

When it comes to choosing your sports betting site of choice, the welcome bonus that is offered is something that you should factor in to your decision, some websites offer better welcome bonuses than others, and of course you want only the best! Another thing to consider is whether the betting site has an affiliated mobile app. Many do, and this is a good sign as it allows you to have even more freedom and mobility as you can then place bets from your mobile devices, such as an iPad, while out and about. Another thing you should look into when choosing a sports betting website is to see what type of sports bets they cover and offer. For example, if you are a huge golf fan and want to bet primarily on golfing tournaments, then it is incredibly important that the betting site you choose is able to meet those needs of yours. There are also different types of bets one can place, depending on the sport. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these.


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