Brian Masaba (with the bat) after Game 1 of the Easter Cricket Series against Kanya Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO
[/media-credit] Brian Masaba (L) followed by skipper Davis Karashani after Game 1 of the Easter Cricket Series against Kanya Credit: © Kawowo Sports | AISHA NAKATO

The development of Brian Masaba into a reliable all rounder has led him to the position of Vice-captain of the Cricket cranes.

Popularly known as ‘Mr Safe Hands’ Masaba hasn’t heard everything his way but his passion and commitment have never been in doubt.

His peers were always thought of as better than him from Ndejje SS through the U19 team but while most have fallen along the way, Masaba is at the peak of his game and we caught up with him on a very light note.

Here is the full interview.

Where were you when you first heard that you were picked to play for Uganda?

 Was at home, got a call from coach Suji

What has been your best knock for Uganda?

 51 against Nepal to rescue the innings from 25 for 5

Who has been the biggest influence in your cricket career?

  Martin Suji

What’s the craziest thing you have done on the cricket field?

 Diving full length across the boundary rope into the school farm during practice…could’ve gotten hurt real bad

What’s the worst sledge ever directed at you?

 While batting against Namibia, the keeper kept whispering in my ear how I was their best player coz I was eating up too many balls…how I was doing the job for them (Namibia).

What’s the worst sledge you have ever used?

  I once reminded a certain batsman about how huge his partnership of dots was,he got     out a few balls later

If you were to choose a buddy for amazing race, who would you ring first?

  Deusdedit Muhumuza

In a 100m dash, who would beat you out of the lads on the team?

   Roger Mukasa

What’s the one thing you’d grab and run if your house was on fire?


Give us one word each that comes to your mind when you hear these names.

  Roger Mukasa- talent Deus Muhumuza-work Davis Karashani-sly Frank Nsubuga-consistency

Tell us about a dressing-room incident that leaves you in splits.

    Kyobe napping while waiting to open the battin

What’s your first memory of being a spectator?

  How flat and neat Lugogo looked for me…I’d never seen the like 

Best destination you have travelled with the national team?


Favorite Local TV station?


Favorite Local radio station?


Midwicket or Covers?

       Definitely Covers

Favorite Drink?

    Banana milkshake

Favorite Food?

    Rice and fresh beans

Bowling or Batting?


Tell us one thing about you that your fans will be surprised to learn.

    I like poetry

Denis has represented Uganda in international cricket events including the World Cup. He is currently the captain of Wanderers Cricket Club.

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