Nyakasura school coach Ivan Thawitamwira directing traffic from the touch line in the game against Rwanda Select.
Nyakasura School coach Ivan Thawitamwira directing traffic from the touch line in the game against Rwanda Select.

Zephaniah Katungi scored the 1st ton of the ongoing Schools Cricket Week when he clobbered 170 off 51 balls as Mukono Parents defeated Rwanda Select by 130 runs.

Nyakasura picked up 2 wins in the day defeating St James by 21 runs in the morning and Rwanda Select by 5 wickets in the afternoon. This keeps them in touch with Group B leaders Mukono.

Favorites Jinja SS defeated Kyambogo College by 89 runs which keeps him firmly on top of Group A.

Mwiri bounced back from their 1st game loss to Jinja SS by defeating Kyambogo College in the morning by 9 wickets and defeating Agakhan by 10 wickets.

The action continues tomborrow at all the various grounds.

Match Summaries for the UCA Boy’s Schools Cricket Week 2017

28th August 2017


Lugogo Oval

Mukono Parents 226/3 in 14.3 overs beat Rwanda Select XI 35/10 in 9.3 overs by 130 runs (D/L revised score of 168 in 10 overs)

Batting Mukono Parents: Zephania Arinaitwe 170(51)
Bowling Rwanda Select: Mubarak Ndambendore 1/26 in 2 overs
Batting Rwanda Select: Tuyisange Orchide 12(5)
Bowling Mukono Parents: Juma Miyaji 3/4 in 2 overs

Kyambogo Oval

Nyakasura School 89/3 in 10 overs beat St James SS 92/4 in 10 overs by 21 runs (D/L revised score of 113 in 10 Overs)

Batting Nyakasura: Busingye Matiya 19(16), Robert Ajuna 19(16)
Bowling St James: Pratik Sharma 2/21 in 3 overs
Batting St James: Allan Sembatya 31(14), Pius Oluka 30(25)
Bowling Nyakasura: Isaac Ategeka 1/15 in 2 overs, Charles Musemeza 1/16 in 2 Overs

Gayaza Ground

Kilembe SS 39/10 in 11.3 Overs lost to Ndejje SS 40/5 in 5.2 overs by 5 wickets
Batting Kilembe SS: Philip Murungi 11(15)
Bowling Ndejje SS: Brian Okello 3/3 in 2 overs, Moses Bivor 3/8 in 3 overs
Batting Ndejje:Samuel Aguma 4(2)
Bowling Kilembe: Philip Murungi 2/19 in 3 overs, Raphael Kambale 2/6 in 2 overs

Budo Grass

Kyambogo College 43/9 in 10.5 Over lost to Busoga College Mwiri 33/1 in 2.4 overs by 9 wickets ( D/L revised score of 32 in 10 Overs)

Batting Kyambogo: Jaydees Manshukh 14(11), Pritesh Kerai 12(4)
Bowling Mwiri: Marvin Kitamirike 3/5 in 3.5 overs, Ronald Opio 2/28 in 3 Overs
Batting Mwiri: Rogers Olipa 18(7), Solomon Mwebaze 12(8)
Bowling Kyambogo: Taha Ahmed 1/23 in 1.4 overs

Budo Astra

Olila HS Vs Aga Khan – Game Washed out


Lugogo Oval
Rwanda 90/7 in 20 overs lost to Nyakasura School 91/5 in 11.2 overs by 5 wickets
Toss won by Nyakasura who opted to field

Batting Rwanda: Prince Uwimanashaka 24(10), Patrick Rukundo 13(44)
Bowling Nyakasura: Isaac Ategeka 2/20 in 4 overs, Joseph Baguma 2/7 in 4 overs
Batting Nyakasura: Pascal Murungi 44(20), Matiya Busingye 26(10)
Bowling Rwanda: Prince Uwimanashaka 3/19 in 4 overs, Chancelier Nzambarinda 2/26 in 4 overs.

Kyambogo Oval
Mukono Parents 193/5 in 20 overs beat St James SS 42/10 in 12.1 overs
Toss won by Mukono who opted to bat

Batting Mukono: Gabriel Kizza 55(32), Wilfred Ogwang 47(47)
Bowling St James: Pius Oluka 1/22 in 4 overs
Batting St James: Allan Isembatya 19(37)
Bowling Mukono: Henry Kashanda 3/8 in 3.1 overs

Budo Grass
Jinja SS 195/5 in 20 overs beat Kyambogo College 106/9 in 20 overs by 89 runs
Toss won by Jinja SS who opted to bat

Batting Jinja SS: Calvin Watuwa 56(35), Simon Okecho 33(18)
Bowling Kyambogo: Reagan Watmoon 2/40 in 4 overs
Batting Kyambogo: Pritesh Vishram 26(17), Chitan Kerai 23(40)
Bowling Jinja SS: Aloysius Odoi 4/10 in 4 overs, Perry Wazombe 3/29 in 4 overs

Budo Astra
Aga Khan HS 79/10 in 18.1 overs lost to Mwiri 81/0 in 5.1 overs by 10 wickets
Toss won by Aga Khan who opted to bat

Batting Aga Khan: Aleem Minseriya 13(15)
Bowling Mwiri: Marvin Kitamirike 4/12 in 4 overs
Batting Mwiri: Rogers Olipa 55(18), Opio Ronald 16(12)
Bowling Aga Khan: Monish Nayee 0/18 in 2 overs

Gayaza Oval
Kololo SS 156/6 in 20 overs beat Ndejje SS 51/10 in 14.5 overs by 105 runs
Toss won by kololo who opted to bat

Batting kololo: Frank Akankwasa 97(40)
Bowling Ndejje SS: Steven Tusiime 2/39 in 4 overs
Batting Ndejje SS: Moses Bivor 14(12)
Bowling Kololo SS: Frank Akankwasa 4/10 in 4 overs, Jaffer Ochaya 3/8 in 4 overs

Denis has represented Uganda in international cricket events including the World Cup. He is currently the captain of Wanderers Cricket Club.

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