A sample of the branded jumpers to be won

About the #KawowoMoreLocal Campaign

  • The giveaway is dubbed #KawowoMoreLocal and it’s in line with  our vision of being a one stop for local sports in the region.
  • A branded jumper and any other prize as may be determined by Kawowo Sports will be given  to the winner.
  • Only participants that can pick their prizes(s) from Kawowo Sports are eligible.
  • Prizes can not be transferred from one individual to another or even received on behalf of the winner
A sample of the branded jumpers to be won


  1. The #KawowoMoreLocal is going to involve us posting one of the distinct and unique photos taken by our photographers once every week on our Instagram account www.instagram.com/kawowosports
  2. Participants then have to guess who of our photographers took that particular shot and where it was taken, the winners shall be announced at the end of the campaign (end of September) and he or she must have guessed the right answer correctly atleast thrice in the four times of the campaign running.
  3. The hint is that participants are advised to check out stories on kawowo.com to be able to see the photo credits as always indicated
  4. The person taking the guess is allowed only one entry on each post as maybe published and can call up friends to like his/her comment since it’s an advantage
  5. Only those that have followed our Instagram account shall have their entries accepted into the draw.
  6. The posting won’t be time bound to avoid predictably of the game.

Terms And Conditions for the #KawowoMoreLocal Campaign

  1. The campaign is to run for only one month that’s from 1st September to the 31st September 2017. Any entries made past this time frame shall not be accepted by Management.
  2. The Kawowo Sports brand deserves the right to accept and reject any entries that conform or fail to conform to the stated terms of this campaign.
  3. Winners will solely be chosen by Kawowo Sports without any acceptance of recommendations or any form of solicited opinion from anyone.
  4. Participants in the #KawowoMoreLocal are strongly prohibited from canvassing of any kind and whoever is discovered to be doing so shall be disqualified immediately.
  5. The prize to give is but not limited to a jumper (branded sweater) . Kawowo Sports may deem it necessary to add other prizes for the winner at anytime during the campaign.
  6. The entries to be accepted shall only be of those participants that have followed and satisfied all the necessary requirements for this campaign.
  7. By participation, you accept that Kawowo Sports can ably use your photograph to a public relations advantage in case you emerge a winner of the campaign.
  8. Participants are also reminded that all our winners of the #KawowoMoreLocal shall receive their prizes and this shall not constitute into affiliation of any kind to this brand in whatsoever manner thereafter.
  9. There’s no age limit to the participants in this campaign and neither is there a number limit of people who are eligible for participation. However the winner must be in position to collect their prizes in person.
  10. Kawowo Sports logos, trademarks and any other material used in advertisements and any communications of this campaign strongly remain property of Owino Solutions and any violation shall constitute into legal prosecution.

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