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[/media-credit] Bamasaaba officials recieve the dummy cheque from Estellah Muzito Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

In light of the common adage, heroes are born with brave hearts who foresee bright tomorrow times where none envisage, the organizers of the inaugural Bamasaaba Bikuuka Tubaana sports tournament stand to be strongly commended.

When the idea of organizing the first ever sports tournament was minted among the Bamasaaba community, many obviously thought of a bright future ahead.

A few doubting Thomases prayed for the ‘unfortunate ill fate’ and definitely questioned many aspects of the tourney.

As the tournament that has football and netball events progresses for the better, a key sponsor UBL (through Senator Beer) has come on board with great ambitions.

The sponsor comes along with a strong statement, of bold prosperous intent and one that wishes the best times ahead for sports development among the Bamasaaba communities in Eastern Uganda and parts of Western Kenya.

The big announcement was made on Tuesday, 28th November 2017 at the head offices of the firm in Luzira, Kampala.

The date remains a red letter moment in the history of the diligent tribe – Bamasaaba and Uganda’s sports in general.

The company announced a Shs. 50M sponsorship package towards the successful running of the tournament in its first edition.

Prime Minister of the Inzu Ya Bamasaaba Francis Mashate led the strong delegation of officials who had a rare free taste of the juicy alcoholic drink.

He was accompanied by Chairperson of Bamasaaba Sisimukha Club, Israel Koboi, Vice President of the organizing committee Suzan Nakayenze, publicity secretary Babra Wanyenze, Isma “Senior Decorator” Wanzala (technical and in charge of fields) and George Wamunga.

Estellah Muzito (Head of beer at the firm) expressed gratitude of associating with such a big sports tournament that harbours big goals for many young sportsmen in the region.

We are glad to associate with the Bamasaaba Bikuuka Tubaana sports tournament.

It is a good tournament that has provided a plat form to expose raw talent as well as helping to promote unity among the Bamasaaba people.

Also, we need the there are many farmer and consumers of this brand in the region and this is one way of paying back in kind.

We are happy to be sponsoring this event because we want to take to a greater stride

The sponsor’s comments were well received by the Prime Minister of the Inzu Ya Masaba, Francis Mashate.

Mashate, appreciated the offer as he also elucidated on the essence of this tournament;

We are so happy for this timely support and offer.

We promise to support the company because they have shown that they are interested in the development of sports in the Bamasaaba people.

This tournament covers 6 districts which is enough justification that the component of unity is being given priority.

Chairperson of the organizing committee for the tournament vowed to give a great value of the sponsorship that comes in kind and partly in cash.

Today is a very good day in our society of the Bamasaaba.

We thank the sponsors and promise to give good account of the donation

Meanwhile, the tournament returns this weekend with the last batch for the round of 16 netball and football matches.

The tournament is organized by an umbrella body which brings together Masaaba communities in both Uganda and Kenya.

In Uganda, it covers the districts of Bududa, Namisindwa, Pallisa, Mbale, Sironko.

The finals will be held on 17th December 2017.

Football (Round of 16 Results – Played last weekend)

  • Wakoko 3-0 Kigai
  • Lutsekhe 0 (2) -0 (0) Tandiga
  • Mukonde 0 (4) – 0 (2) Muyobo
  • Luganya 1-2 Mumbo


  • Wakoko 22-11 Kigai
  • Lutsekhe 20-01 Tandiga
  • Wangokho 20 – 12 Halasi
  • Lago 17- 5 Mumbo

Other Round of 16 Fixtures

Saturday 2nd December 2017

  • Hugu Vs Wafumbo – Mutufu play ground, Sironko district
  • Halasi Vs Shiende – Buwalasi PTC play ground, Sironko district

Sunday 3rd December 2017

  • Wabwala Vs Mutiru- Bupoto playground, Namisindwa district
  • Siu Vs Lago- Busiu P/s playground, Mbale district

Quarter Finals:

Quarter Final 1:

  • Lutsekhe Vs Wakoko (9th December 2017) –  Bumwalye playground, Bududa district

Quarter Final 2:

  • Mumbo Vs Mukonde (9th December 2017) – Bimbo play ground, Namisindwa district

Quarter Final 3:

  • Hugu/Wafumbo Vs Halasi/Shiende –  10th December 2017

Quarter Final 4:

  • Wabwala/Mutiru Vs Siu/Lago  – 10th December 2017

David Isabirye

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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