Bulo S.S team line up prior to the 2018 UMEA Football final at Mbale Municipal Stadium. The ground remains bare and barren Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

UMEA Games 2018:

Finals (Boys Football):

  • Kibuli S.S 0 (4)- 0 (5) Bulo Parents

MVP: Moses Aliro (Kibuli S.S)

Top Scorer: Valentino Opendi (Kasawo S.S) – 7 Goals

Finals (Girls’ Football):

  • Kawempe Muslim 1-0 Masaka S.S

MVP: Mariam Nakabugo (Kawempe Muslim)

Top Scorer: Sharon Nadunga (Kawempe Muslim) – 7 Goals

[/media-credit] Kasawo S.S XI that faced Kibuli SS in the 2018 UMEA Football final at Mbale Municipal Stadium Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

Teenage goalkeeper Abdallah Kisitu was the difference as Bulo Parents Secondary School overcame pre-tournament favourites Kibuli S.S to lift the 2018 UMEA Solidarity football trophy at Mbale Municipal Stadium on Easter Monday.

Bulo Parents won 5-4 in nail biting fashion after the 90 minutes of normal time during the well-attended final had ended goal-less.

The opening 45 minutes of the well-attended failed to produce any break through despite the end to end attacks from the two sides.

Kibuli’s forwards Sadad Anaku, Umar Kyebatala and Moses Aliro were all denied on different one against one incidents by the on-form Bulo Parents goalkeeper, Abdallah Kisitu.

Faluk Ssemukutu had also missed to tap home from close range for Bulo Parents as the first half neared a climax.

In the tense shoot out, Derrick Menya, Hussein Makanga, Joseph Dhata, Akibaru Ssentongo and Shafiq Kibirige scored their kicks from the penalty mark.

Adinan Ondoga had earlier missed his kick.

Herbert Achayi, Moses Aliro, Sadad Anaku and Joel Jangeyambe scored their kicks.

Solomon Okello’s weak kick was saved by the clinical goalkeeper Kisitu while Ismail Mukalazi had his effort kiss the cross bar with the last kick in the post match penalties.

Bulo Parents had whipped Mbale Progressive 3-0 in the semi-final with Abbey Kavuma scoring a brace before second half substitute Blancher Mulamba got the second goal, 20 minutes from full time.

On the other hand, Kibuli had overcome a ten man Masaka S.S outfit, 1-0 at the Maluku sports play ground.

KCCA Junior Team striker Sadad Anaku scored the winning goal on 70 minutes.

Masaka S.S’ midfielder Musa Simba was red carded for a nasty tackle on Kibuli S.S’ holding midfielder Ibrahim Ekelloti.

Kibuli S.S XI Vs Bulo Parents in the 2018 UMEA final Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

Other winners:

[/media-credit] Kawempe Muslim and Masaka S.S girls football teams prior to kick off in the finals Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

Meanwhile, Kawempe Muslim S.S defeated Masaka S.S 1-0 in the girls’ football final.

Ngando Wamala netball team overcame defending champions Kibuli 30-29 to claim the netball gold.

[/media-credit] Netball at the 2018 UMEA games Credit: © Kawowo Sports | DAVID ISABIRYE

Kibuli S.S won both the boys and girls handball titles.

The tournament closing ceremony was graced by the Commissioner in charge of secondary education, Sam Kuloba.

The UMEA Solidarity games were started as far back as 2007 with the main aim, among others, of fostering unity among the Muslim funded schools.

2019 UMEA Solidarity Games will be co-hosted by Kasawo S.S and Kasawo Islamic schools.

Team Line Ups:

Kibuli S.S XI:

Ali Arafat Yashir (G.K), Joel Jangeyambe, Herbert Achayi, Walter Ochora, Solomon Okello, Ibrahim Ekelloti, Musa Ramathan, Nicholas Luzige, Umar Kyebatala, Sadad Anaku, Moses Aliro


Victor Mwebasa (G.K), Justine Opiro, Ivan Eringa, Anthony Muhwezi, Gideon Etou, Koda Bitakazibwa, Ismail Mukalazi

Bulo Parents S.S XI:

Abdallah Kisitu (G.K), Joseph Dhata, Shafiq Kibirige, Sabule Lwandasa, Ashiraf Masiga, Akibaru Ssentongo, Twaha Ntulume, Faizo Wabyoona, Faluk Ssemukutu (Captain), Abbey Kavuma, Hussein Makanga


John Ssekikubo, Johnson Senyonga, Allan Wenge, Adinan Ondoga, Blancher Mulamba, Godfrey Munyawera, Derrick Menya


  • Masaka S.S 0-1 Kibuli S.S
  • Bulo Parents 2-0 Mbale Progressive

Quarter final:

  • Nkoma S.S 0-1 Bulo Parents
  • Kibuli S.S 3-1 Kawempe Muslim
  • Masaka S.S 2-0 Nakifuma Modern
  • Kasawo 0-1 Mbale Progressive

Preliminary results (Boys’ Football):

  • Kinawa Kasangati 0-11 Nkoma S.S (Game was played only 45 minutes of first half)
  • Kinawa Kasangati 0-9 Masaka S.S
  • Kasawo 7-0 Kinawa Kasangati
  • Masaka S.S 7-0 Kasawo Islamic
  • Nkoma S.S 7-0 Kasawo Islamic
  • Kinawa Mugongo 0-5 Kibuli S.S
  • Buziga Islamic 0-4 Bulo Parents
  • Mbale Progressive 4-0 Buziga Islamic
  • Namagabi 0-2 Kibuli S.S
  • Kawempe Muslim 2-0 Kinawa
  • Nakifuma Modern 2-0 Mbogo Mixed
  • Mpigi Mixed 0-2 Kibuli S.S
  • Kasawo Islamic 0-2 Kasawo S.S
  • Mbale Progressive 2-0 Mbogo Mixed
  • Kawempe Muslim 2-0 Mpigi Mixed
  • Mbogo Mixed 2-1 Buziga Islamic
  • Mpigi Mixed 2-1 Namagabi S.S
  • Masaka S.S 2-1 Nkoma S.S
  • Masaka 1-0 Kasawo
  • Nakifuma Modern 0-1 Bulo Parents
  • Bulo Parents 1-0 Mbogo Mixed
  • Mpigi Mixed 0-1 Kinawa High Mugongo
  • Nakifuma Modern 1-0 Buziga Islamic
  • Kawempe Muslim 1-1 Namagabi
  • Kibuli S.S 0-0 Kawempe Muslim
  • Nkoma S.S 0-0 Kasawo S.S
  • Mbale Progressive 0-0 Bulo Parents
  • Nakifuma Modern 0-0 Mbale Progressive

Other Games:


  • Mbogo Mixed (Champion)
  • Nkooma (1st Runners Up)
  • Nabisunsa (2nd Runners Up)

MVP: Sharifa Nagudi – Nkooma S.S


  • 1 – Mbogo Mixed
  • 2 – Nkoma S.S
  • 3 – Kibuli S.S
  • MVP: Solomon Ssemakadde


  • 1 – Kibuli (Champion)
  • 2 – Kinawa (1st Runners Up)
  • MVP: Mutangi


  • 1- Kibuli S.S (Champion)
  • 2 – Nabisunsa Girls School
  • MVP: Hanifa Hamza (Kibuli S.S)


  • 1- Kinawa High Mugongo
  • 2 – Nabisunsa Girls
  • 3 – Hamdan Girls
  • MVP: Hadijah Otim


  • 1-Mbogo Mixed (Champions)
  • 2- Luyanzi College, Bweyogerere (1st Runners Up)
  • 3 – Nkoma S.S (2nd Runners up)
  • MVP: Joseph Okello (Mbogo Mixed)


  • 1 – Kibuli S.S (Champions)
  • 2 – Kawanda S.S (1st Runners Up)
  • 3 – Gombe S.S (2nd Runners Up)
  • MVP: Abiyal Karisom (Gombe)


  • 1 – Kibuli S.S (Champions)
  • 2 – Gombe (1st Runners Up)
  • 3 – Mbogo Mixed (2nd Runners Up)
  • MVP: Sharif Lukwago (Kibuli S.S)


  • 1 – Ngando Wamala S.S (Champions)
  • 2 – Kibuli S.S (1st Runners Up)
  • 3 – Kawanda S.S (2nd Runners up)
  • MVP: Prudence Mulema

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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