Andrew "Andyskillz Ug" Tamale juggles at dawn Credit: Andyskills Ug
[/media-credit] Andrew “Andyskillz Ug” Tamale rests the ball on his shin during an exhibition Credit: AndyskillzUg

Free style juggling is a fast developing and exciting brand of football in the world, particularly in Uganda.

Each of the finest free style ball jugglers have completely a different taste, school of thought, approach and definitely varying back grounds.

The Ugandan case study has its own rich cabinet with Andrew Stewarts “Andyskillz” Tamale, a five and two time Ugandan and East African respective champion carrying aloft the flag, and with the due pride.

Commonly known as Andyskillz by his catch name, Tamale is also christened as “Maldinho”.

Andyskillz during the sole juggling session Credit: AndyskillzUg
Andyskillz Ug is a big entertainer for crowds Credit: AndyskillzUg
[/media-credit] Andyskillz entertains a mammoth crowd during a previous outing Credit: Andyskillz

Virtually, all the parts of his body can easily feel and juggle the ball at free will.

With a trademark smile, Andyskillz narrates his life journey thus far.

I was once a footballer and played up to FUFA Big League (second highest tier league in Uganda). I had to quit and concentrate on the free-style juggling for fear of injuries since I believed  I would excell in juggling than on the actual field. And defenders were raiding high tackles onto me since I was confusing them with my array of tricks and skills on the ball. I am happy to be a free-style ball juggler.

[/media-credit] Andyskillz takes a selfie with a mobile phone while juggling the ball Credit:

Tamale grew up as a single child with only the father, Prosperous Sentongo.

I started juggling the ball for fun when i was in Senior two at Kyambogo College School in Kampala. It was my own making because I wanted to be unique. I started practicing so hard, then i decided to quit normal football to concentrate on free-style juggling for a living

[/media-credit] Andyskillz with young players at Edgars Youth Football Academy Credit: AndyskillzUg

Big opportunities:

Andyskillz’s persona has grown vastly like a wild fire. In just two year, he has landed big opportunities to perform at events as well as endorsement deals with companies.

Of late, DSTV under the GOtv brand appointed him as the brand Ambassador for the year 2018 as well as working for century bottling company for the famous Copa football championship.

In fact, he runs on the advertisement boards, a feat he feels proud of financially and attaining popularity.

I fee good to see myself on advertising boards. It does not come easily. Many people call me and I have become popular. Also, I have able to get some money for personal use from the deals

[/media-credit] Andrew “Andyskillz Ug” Tamale juggles at dawn
[/media-credit] Andyskillz on advertisement boards Credit: Andyskillz

Andyskillz can easily make the ball speak on every part of his body. From the feet, shin, sole, toes, heels, ankle, knee, hamstring, stomach, back, buttocks, hands, shoulder, neck, ears, eyes, mouth and the head, each part can use the ball in equal measure.

He fancies the “Double Around the world” trick while juggling the ball.

Also, Andyskillz can ably execute the enticing sole juggling, heel by heel juggling, fast heading, chest juggling, shin by shin juggling, heading whilst seated, knee juggling and any other former there is.

[/media-credit] Andyskillz happily displays his enviable collection of  plaques and trophies Credit: Andyskillz
[/media-credit] Andrew Tamale chests the ball during an exhibition Credit: AndyskillzUg
[/media-credit] Andrew “Andyskillz Ug” Tamale executes what he does best Credit: AndyskillzUg

Andyskillz has no regrets having quit active playing for free style juggling.

I have got a living from free style juggling. I am popular and known by the public because of free-style juggling. I thank God, my father Mr Sentongo, family members, friends and the sponsors who push me day after day. I will continue practicing to keep on my A-Game and teach others as well because I am not selfish.

[/media-credit] Andyskillz can remove his shirt with the ball on his outer neck Credit: Andyskillz
[/media-credit] Andyskillz (left) is hired to teach aspiring free stylers Credit: Andyskillz

For Andyskillz, ball juggling is just his passion, free style juggling in particular is an art that he has polished day after day with continuous training sessions and drills.

He is also ready to give a worthy face to free style juggling in Uganda and the East African region.

Tit Bits about Andyskillz:

  • Full Names: Andrew Stewarts Tamale
  • Fathers’s Name: Prosperous Sentongo
  • Date of Birth: 6th May 1996
  • Club Football: Victors, Kyambogo University
  • Favourite Trick: Double Around the World

Social Media Presence:

  • Twitter: AndyskillzUg
  • Facebook: Andyskillz UG
  • Instagram: @iamandyskillzug
[/media-credit] Andrew Stewarts “Andyskillz” Tamale is destined for greater heights and tides in free style juggling. Credit: Andyskillz Ug

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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