David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports The battle for the ball at the FNL. Its all about passion and joy

FNL Basketball 8 (Match Day 2 Results):

Enabu 20-8 Kikiri

Josh 12-9 Wazee

Zama 20-21 Ikong

Madol 20-17 Soro

Enabu 12-17 Flirsh

Fahmy 10-18 Wazee

Josh 16-13 Kikiri

Enabu 14-21 Madol

Flirsh 17-09 Soro

Fahmy 13-14 Ikong

For the past eight seasons, the Friday Night Lights fun basketball games have been well organized.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports FNL season 8 action

Equipped with real action, entertainment packaged with silent disco, artist performances,guest Dj’s and fan challenges, the games have progressed well meanwhile the ordinary party goers are fully engaged.

These games usually held in the off-season a perfect platform for the fans and players to interact, showcasing different skills as they enjoy the game to the brim.

With the 3X3 format, fans have been able to play with their favourite players on the court.

During match day two, Team Enabu suffered 20-08 and 17-12 defeats against Team Kikiri and Team Flirsh respectively.

David Isabirye | Kawowo Sports Fans love the games and the accompaniments at FNL

Team Wazee outwitted Team Josh 19-12 and Team Madol edged 20-17 over Team Soro.

Team Ikong overcame Power teammate Team Fahmy 14-13 in the other result.

Through the Roke Shoot Your Shot challenge, fans get a chance to win a Roke Plus internet link with a one month free subscription.

Team Oteam (Otim Jonah), now defunct, are the defending champions.

Team Amoding (2015) and Team Malinga (2013) have a title each.

Team Ikong are the record winners with three accolades –Power’s Joseph Ikong, the side triumphed in 2011, 2012, 2014.

Fans and players can not miss out this Friday at the Panorama bar.


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