ali omar mx round four
Ali Omar

Just when he was excited to debut on his new bike for the season, Ali Omar Yasser wont be seeing much of Motocross action yet. 

The 15-year old, suffered a fracture last weekend during a practicing run ahead of the season open this Sunday.

‘Bobo’ will now be out of competitive racing for six weeks. 

“What happened was just unfortunate. I overshot the ‘asaf jump’ at garuga and landed badly, exerting the whole pressure to the leg causing a big injury. 

Ali Omar Yasser ‘Bobo’

“My bike remained intact after the incident. Now I just need to work towards my recovery,” said Omar. 

However, the reigning MX125 champion is still hopeful he can catch up on his season targets. 

“I hope to get back into action after six weeks. I will still have time to fight for my class title as well as preparing early for the regional title. 

“I also want to improve my overall position on the Fim Africa race,” he added.

Last year in December, Bobo was gifted a bike; the Husqvarna 2019 model from the Orland family to replace his KTM125. 

“We cannot thank the Orland family enough for the gift. I am sure Bobo will use the bike to their expectations. 

“The injury is a bit of a setback, but that’s is always expected in the sport. But once he recovers, am sure he wont disappoint,” said Bobo’s father Ali Omar. 

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