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The local Motorsport governing body; Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU) is again in an administrative tight spot.

The local federation has released the National Competition Rules hours to the start of the first round rally event.

The Mbarara rally is scheduled for 8th – 10th February in Western Uganda.

The federation was presented with the proposed regulations last month only to officially incorporated the new regulations on Thursday evening. 

National competition rules for the preceding season are supposed to be released in November.

Among the ratified rules include the new points system which reduces the differences between the first and second from 25 points to 20points, insurance rule, mandatory recce for all stewards, shorter event routes among others. 

Reynolds Kibira, a Sporting Commission member gives the probable effects of delayed regulations.

“Its unfortunate that the regulations had to be ratified this late. 

“Of course this will have some enforcement issues since officials and crews will not be well versed with the new rules. 

“A few changes were however communicated earlier and we expect them to be aware of the anticipated rules. But enough time is always recommended for everything one to adopt to the rules,” said Kibira.

A waiver on certain rules was given to Mbarara rally due to its immediate start to the season. 

In the meeting, the executive also passed the new rule allowing category A co-drivers to score points in the Clubman Rally Championship. 


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