One of the stages on Sunday (Photo: Lawrence Mwambazi)

The fight for the National Rally Championship title resumes this weekend with Southern Motor C (SMC) rally in parts of Masaka and .

The two-day event will host over 35 crews covering a total competitive distance of 134.54kilometres.

The event kicks off with a double circuit at Kako grounds on Saturday before crews head into what is expected to be an intriguing contention through the Sunday stages. 

Day one Super Special Stage at Kako (Photo: Lawrence Mwambazi)

The final day of the event consists of five stages; Kagezi as the longest with 42.15km, Lufula 20.55km, Kalunuma 21.08km, Kayanja 19.76 and the shortest; a spectator stage in Kasasa 2.55km. 

The stages are said to have a mix of the smooth and a bit of rough and very provocative for crews to push to the limits. 

“It’s going to be a fast rally because the roads are so smooth. It’s raining though, so they need to be cautious. We made the stages just to bring out that tight competition among drivers,” said Jared Kalera; the clerk of the course. 

Leon Ssenyange, a co-driver to Ronald Sebuguzi says such stages call for a calculative drive.

“There are some really fast sectors of the rally. It offers different elements this time round. More than that last outting. 

“One needs to be very calculative in this. But should be a fun one to drive,” he said. 

Shell sponsored driver Omar Mayanja too believes the stages will be a joy to drive through.

“The medium length stages which are at the same time fast and rough in places present a trick for the unwary.  They should be a joy to drive and to watch.

“If the rain comes, Mangat will likely bounce back in dominant fashion and many will place their bets on him.  If it remains dry, Yasin Nasser is a current crowd and outsider favourite for another upset. While fellow Subaru drivers cannot be counted out,” reads an excerpt from Omar Mayanja’s publications Blow by Blow on Facebook.

Jas Mangat will go first in the road followed by Hassan Alwi and Kepher Walubi in third. 

Meanwhile, Ronald Sebuguzi currently leads the championship with 160 points, 20 more than second places Hassan Alwi while Yasin Nasser stands third.

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