Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports The Etios during Rally of South Africa (Photo: Susan Vacy-Lyle)

South Africa’s Guy Botterill is set to give the Toyota Etios R4 a second outing following its impressive debut in the region.

The Etios shot to  popularity following its success last weekend in South Africa. 

In the hands of South African Hergen Fekken, the Etios dominated the two day event; winning all stages on the opening day and five on day two.

It’s now set to change hands on its second outing. 

Wild Cat Racing Team announced on their facebook page that they had purchased the Toyota Etios. 

Photo Credit: Susan Vacy Lyle Guy Botterill (R) and Simon Vacy-Lyle (Photo: Susan Vacy Lyle )

Guy Botterill and co-driver Simon Vacy-Lyle will have the Etios at the third round of Africa rally championship due 7-9th June in Ndola, Zambia. 

“Its an amazing car. We cant wait to drive it. 

“It is still going to be a hard job. I think the R5s will be very hard to beat on familiar grounds,” said Botterill. 

Botterill and Simon were driving a similar car; a Toyota Etios R2 version. 

“I dont think we shall find any problem adopting to the R4. At least we are getting a lot of driving in it. We look forward to racing in the upcoming competitive race,” he added. 

“So far we are only doing the next ARC in Zambia. The other ARC rounds are not confirmed yet,” he said. 

Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports Hergen Fekken gave the Etios its first outing in the region (Photo: Susan Vacy-lyle)

The Toyota Etios R4 was developed by Oreca from France. It has full FIA approved specs. 


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