Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports Rajiv Rupariela and Ronnie Walia (Photo: Kinthan Images)

Rajiv Ruparelia and co-driver Ronnie Walia put up a convincing display on their debut when they took on the second round of Autocross on Sunday at Zion Estate, Ssisa. 

Driving a VW Polo Proto, the crew finished second after posting the second fastest time over two runs in the six-kilometre Zion stage. 

Rajiv was 40 seconds behind overall winner and former National Rally Champion Ronald Sebuguzi. 

“It was really a nice experience for us. We were a good team, disciplined and we respected the car and it really behaved well. 

“I only got to sit in the car yesterday. I believe the second position is good enough for our debut. We look forward to the next autocross event,” said Rajiv. 

Franklin Kaweru | Kawowo Sports Rajiv Rupariela’s VW Proto (Photo: Kinthan Images)

After his debut, Rajiv only sees better days ahead. 

“Our performance showed us what we can do in future events. We learnt a lot. We shall take it easy and focus on finishing rallies. 

“We hope to do more training once all our spares come in and get the car fixed. We plan to take on Safari this year if all goes well,” he added. 

Calling the notes was Walia, who was also on his first rally outing. He was equally delighted. 

“It was a completely new experience. I didn’t expect it to be this fun. I had prior lessons for calling notes, safety issues and many others.

“I know we shall have a lot of fun in future once we get used to everything,” said Walia.

Rajiv is full sponsored by Premier Recruitment and Ruparelia group. 



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