Manvir Baryan and Drew Sturrock were drowned in frustration when they lost an almost certain victory in the ultimate stage of the Safari Rally in Naivasha on Sunday. 

Baryan was on course for his maiden Safari Rally victory when he got caught in the  Kedong stage dust; blocking his radiator and causing his car to overheat.

They lost over twelve minutes in that stage, dropping to third overall in the final classification. 

“We would be happy for the podium, yes.  And we are glad we have finished but we are obviously disappointed.

“The main reason we are disappointed, in our opinion, is that the stage shouldn’t have run. Several crews were stuck and proved how bad it was,” said Baryan. 

Manvir Baryan (Photo: Kinthan Images)

The Multiple Racing Team was exceptional after exhibiting great pace to hold the lead from day two until the ultimate stage.

However, the crew didn’t lose it all. They secured 40 points to boost their chase for the third Africa Rally Championship title. 

“Of course we are happy we got the ARC points and the podium. But winning Safari would have been the best. It is the only event we have not won in the championship,” added Baryan.

The crew also had their request to cancel the stage results disregarded. 

Videos and photos from Kedong stage showed a number of crews had to receive assistance to go through the deep sandy patches in the stage.

However, the stage proved a no challenge for Baldev Chager as he cruised through to earn the lead and victory. Carl Tundo came in second.

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