Ali Mohammed

Ali Mohammed is on track as he follows his father’s footsteps after fitting in as the latest addition to motor rallying fraternity. 

Mohammed; a son to former National Rally champion Ashraf Ahmed made his second Autocross event on Sunday at the new race track in Kapeeka. 

The 16-year-old had an eye-catching performance in a Subaru Impreza finishing 13th overall and with it a trophy for fourth position in the Autocross Junior category.

“I have really enjoyed myself. The track was very nice with corners which I like and I drove better than last time. 

“This event has given me the courage to train so often,” said Mohammed. 

The rookie confessed that he draws the inspiration from his father who won the 2008 National championship.

“My dad has been my inspiration. I have watched him race since I was young. I followed him through and I was keen on whatever he did.

“I have joined him during recce and learnt a few things that have helped me in the two events have done so far. 

“Besides my dad. I like the sport and cars I enjoy going through corners,” he added. 

Ali Mohammed Jr and his parents

The three-time national champion Jas Mangat is also an inspiration to the young driver. 

“I also admire Mangat. I really like the way he drives. I enjoy watching him and wish to drive like him in future.”

Mohammed further hinted on his dream in the sport.

“Now that have joined. I don’t see myself turning back. I want to start by winning Autocross events.

“I dream of winning events in the national championship as well as winning the title someday just like my father did.” 

Ali Mohammed during the Sunday’s Autocross event.

Ashiraf Ahmed expressed delight to have a chip off the old block joining the motorsport family. 

“Unlike other African countries, we are still lagging behind on the best way to introduce young people to join the sport. 

“I am encouraging my son and probably other people will bring kids to join at a younger age so that we get a new generation that is more equipped than us,” said Ahmed.

“My son has less experience but he has shown he loves the sport using the little knowledge to put up a good performance today. 

The rallying doctor is calling for a change in the rules to cater for young drivers. He says it will encourage many more to join.

“I would like to urge the federation to create a class for these young boys below the age of 18. So far we have a number of them and probably more will join once a class is created.

“We only have to get these boys experienced co-drivers to guide them as they build on their experience,” he added. 

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