The Uganda Female Pool players

The Uganda female national team won gold at the 2019 All Africa Pool championship held in South Africa.

Their male counterparts finished second to take silver in the competition.

The female team had the likes of Angellah Busingye, Amina Nganda (Captain), Zaimati Nabafu, Sharon Mirembe, Victoria Namuyanja, Ritah Nimusiima, Rashidah Mutesi and Rukia Naiga.

This team earned 3000 Rands for taking the first position ahead of Zimbabwe who were the runners up to pocket 1500 Rands.

The Uganda Female Pool players

Host country South Africa was third and earned 750 Rands.

In men’s team championship, South Africa toppled the rest of the countries to earn 5000 Rands.

Team Uganda was second and earned 3000 Rands as Zimbabwe pocketed  1500 Rands for finishing third.

The male team had Alfred Gumikiiriza, Ceaser Chandiga, Geofrey Ssetumba, Ibra Ssejjemba, Joseph Kasozi and Simon “The Computer” Lubulwa.

The Male team

Individual best players:

Uganda’s Caesar Chandiga finished third in the Chinese eight ball singles’ event to earn 2000 Rands.

The duo of Victoria Namuyanja and Faith Nganda finished second and third respectively to pocket 1500 Rands and 750 Rands respectively.

The Ugandan players returned home successfully on Monday, 29th October 2019.


Ladies’ Chinese Eightball Singles

1. Nicola Rosseu (6000 Rands)

2. Naiga Rukia (3000 Rands)

3. Suzette Bouyet (1500 Rands)

Women’s Chinese Eightball Team

1. South Africa (6000 Rands)

2.Uganda (3000 Rands)

3. Zimbabwe (1500 Rands)

Men’s Chinese Eightball Team Event

1.South Africa (10,000 Rands)

2.Uganda (6000 Rands)

3.Zimbabwe (3000 Rands)

Men’s Chinese Eightball Singles

1.Ryan Malky (South Africa) – 12000 Rands

2.Joseph Mtsweni (South Africa) – 6000 Rands

 3.Caesar Chandiga (Uganda) – 2000 Rands

Women’s Black Ball Singles

1. Nicola Rossouw (South Africa) – 3000 Rands

2.Victoria Namuyanja (Uganda) – 1500 Rands

3. Faith Nganda (Uganda) – 750 Rands

Men’s Blackball Singles

1. Vischen Jagdev – 6000 Rands

2. Joseph Aden – 3000 Rands

3.Senzo Gumede – 1000 Rands

Women’s Black Ball Team Event

1.Uganda –    3000 Rands

3.Zimbabwe – 1500 Rands

3. South Africa – 750 Rands

Men’s Blackball Team

1. South Africa  – 5000 Rands

2. Uganda –  3000 Rands

3. Zimbabwe –  1500 Rands

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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