Henry and Jacqueline Kalungi pose with one who received some goal keeping gloves and a ball

Uganda Cranes defender Henry Kalungi and wife, Jacqueline Kalungi washed the feet of underprivileged children as the Henry Kalungi Foundation donated again on Sunday.

Henry Kalungi guides the children on what to do in the earlier parts of the day

Kalungi – whose trend has been aimed at changing lives and giving back to community – marked his fourth year hosting the kids to lunch before donating sports gear like football boots, jerseys, gloves, socks and balls among others.

Henry Kalungi Foundation President Jacqueline Kalungi gives out candy to the children

The day started with erecting tents, then the young children and youthful boys and girls were taken through their paces under the scorching sun at Buganda Road Playgrounds.

The lot was split into groups that competed in loose netball and football from various ends of the field.

A child dribbles as part of the drills with Henry Kalungi

Later on, the groups were rewarded with gear and feet washed – the inspiration drawn from John 13:1-17 – when Jesus washed his disciple’s feet. There was also candy for the kids, face painting, food and drinks, cake finally closing out the party.

Jacqueline Kalungi paints kids’ faces as part of the activities of the day

Talking up the day’s events, Henry Kalungi lauded everyone’s contribution towards the foundation’s party that was a success.

We have been doing this every year, so today we got here very early. We were able to get sodas for the party, we did a soccer clinic, face painting. We also washed the kids’ feet to symbolize what Jesus did for his disciples. Most of the kids are not fortunate so we are looking forward to continuing this, to share with them clothes, food.

“This year we are also taking another step where we are buying land to develop it, build a school, hospital, soccer facilities, so that we can get these kids off the streets and be able to provide a stable life for them. We are very thankful to the people involved in what we do and we can’t thank them enough.”

Henry and Jacqueline Kalungi serve food at the party

Jacqueline admitted to getting emotional because of the huge impact the foundation has on the children’s lives.

Henry and Jacqueline Kalungi wash feet of children at the party

“It’s hard not to cry a little because of how different it is in the United States. In America you will fail to find a child without shoes, clothes because there is so much help around to get them off the streets and help their families while here in Uganda its just very different.

“So being able to come here to provide some support and hope means alot. For me, it makes me emotional.”

Children pose with donated gear from Henry Kalungi Foundation

Henry Kalungi Foundation will continue with charity works in slums to pass out corn-flower, salt, sugar and soap among other items to families that lack.

They will then head to Bulemeezi where they will hold a women’s conference to enlighten them on health and well-being.

Henry and Jacqueline Kalungi cut cake as the foundation marks fourth year in a row donating to the under-privileged

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