Geoffrey Nsamba

Four candidates are hoping to take the top seat at the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda (FMU) for the next four years. 

Geoffrey Nsamba, Dusman Okee, Jack Wavamuno, and Dipu Ruparelia are all in the contention for the 1st February elections. 

An Extraordinary Assembly called for 18th January could however cause the postponement of the elections.

Kawowo Sports gives an overview of the four candidates in the running.

Geoffrey Nsamba 

A lawyer by profession, Nsamba is also a former rally driver who went into a sabbatical in 2017. 

Geoffrey Nsamba

Despite not racking up big wins on the track, his presence was well felt in the sport. 

He has been in sports administration working under the legal committee of the local football governing body (FUFA) and currently is the legal representative for Uganda Motorsport Marshals Club (UMMC).

Nsamba hopes to professionalise the sport. He is keen on rectifying several administrative anomalies, and in support of financing and empowering the federation, clubs, drivers, officials, and fans for the better organization.

Dipu Ruparelia

A businessman and former rally driver, Dipu is a first-time contestant for the top position. 

He was competitive for around fifteen years until 2005. 

Dipu Ruparelia

He has been away competitively from the sport for over a decade but says he has been following every activity on the sidelines. 

What he says; “To bring equity, equality, and transparency. Empowering the clubs, drivers, and officials to build sanity in the sport. Focus on sponsorship as well as amend the constitution to favorable and realistic regulations that work for all stakeholders. 

Jack Wavamuno

A former president of the federation, Wavamuno will be pursuing the big seat yet again. 

Jack Wavamuno

Wavamuno was the first FMU president from 2001 to 2005. He was later elected in 2014 to 2016.

He lost the race in 2016 to Dusman Okee by only one vote.

His manifesto for this year is not yet known. 

But in 2016, Wavamuno was fronting a rebuild of the sport, structures, and comradeship in the federation. 

Dusman Okee

Okee is the incumbent after serving a four-year term. 

Dusman Okee

He served as Vice president between 2014 to 2016 under Jack Wavamuno. 

In his four year tenure, Dusman has struggled to gain control over all departments in the federations. 

Many have crumbled in functionality.

Coming into the race, Okee’s focus will be on re-consolidating all arms in the federation. 

By the end of February, we shall know FMU’s next president.

In our next edition, we shall give you the list for all candidates vying for other posts in the federation.

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