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Over the past couple of weeks, a chart extract from the National Basketball League Managers WhatsApp group has been making rounds in basketball circles.

The most concerning content of the extract was the intention or plan to increase club registration to eight million shillings.

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How was this communication arrived to?

According to the FUBA vice president in charge of administration, Hudson Ssegamwenge, the federation had opted to hand the league running rights to the NBL Managers by forming a National Basketball League Management Committee.

“We (FUBA Executive Committee) had decided to let the clubs run their league through a management committee they chose for themselves like in the lower divisions.

“They (NBL Managers) had several meetings and made some of those resolutions that were circulating but they failed to reach a consensus,” Ssegamwenge told Kawowo Sports.

FUBA Excom resolves to manage League

In a document released by the federation on Friday, January 24, FUBA will be running the league after the clubs failed to form a management committee.

“After a series of discussions and deliberations on the possibility of forming a Management Committee for the National Basketball League, and The Managers sending a feedback report indicating that this will not be possible because of the challenges highlighted therein, the Excom has resolved that;

  1. The Federation will continue to run the NBL League as per its mandate
  2. All NBL teams shall pay UGX 2,000,000/= (Two million shillings) for Registration
  3. All teams should clear Registration fees before the end of 1st Round of the League.”

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