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Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, 29th February 2020 at Kati Kati Restaurant in Kampala.

The day-long congress had all the delegates from across the country convene to lay a brick or two to the netball in-house matters as well as iron out the body’s burning issues at hand.

Suzan Anek (right) during the press conference. On her left is Annet Kisomose, Yusuf Kamulegeya and William Bwambale

The agenda progressed as laid out with the General Secretary Annet Kisomose’s report as she outlined all the domestic, regional and international tournaments held in 2019 and those coming up in 2020.

Suzan Anek Ongom, the President of the Uganda Netball Federation who is also the vice president in charge of development on the African continent underlined the strengths and opportunities achieved thus far.

Suzan AneK Ongom, President of the Uganda Netball Federation. She indicated that she will not seek for re-election when her term expires next year

I thank everyone… the players, delegates, Government of Uganda, sponsors, clubs and the press for the team spirit exhibited in the last year. We sit and talk one language, we grow taller and fatter,” Anek noted in an official statement.

“When people discuss issues, it means that the assembly is alert” she added.

She listed the achievements among which included playing in the Vitality Netball World Cup 2019 – Liverpool, Africa Championship in South Africa, being elected as Africa’s vice president (charge of development), league awards, good relations with National Council of Sports, audited books of accounts, securing an office administrator among others.

Then came the submission of the report from Treasurer Hajji Yusuf Kamulegeya, which according to the delegates, it was far from convincing.

Hajji Yusuf Kamulegeya, Treasurer of the Uganda Netball Federation

Kamulegeya’s report indicated the income from the previous year (2,039,993,678/=) vis-à-vis the expenditure (1,983,639,963) for all the activities of the previous year whose lion share were trips to Liverpool for the Netball World Cup and the Africa Netball Championship in South Africa.

“Some of the good things from this assembly has been the notification like we have always known that our national team is doing well because we are 6th in the entire world. Secondly, our 2019 budget was passed and money secured. There has been a slight improvement in the expenditure but the delegates want to really know where the people who traveled to the Netball World Cup were the exact group to move and whether the air tickets and visas were the exact fees. That was the only grey area,” said Imelda Nambi, a delegate representing Buikwe district.

There was a lunch break allowed for the delegates before the assembly resumed to discuss the budget but still, some issues remained unresolved and delegates called for the appointment of a new auditor.

Florence Nakamya with her submission during the Netball AGM at Kati-Kati Restaurant

The other money was spent on affiliation fees to the world and continental netball bodies (5,758,800), regional netball development (3,000,000), prize money for the 2018 national league (10,000,000), hire of Nakirebe field (1,000,000), office stationary (1,516,000), internet service (2,660,000), annual general meeting – meals and hall (11,600,000), delegates allowance and transport (18,610,000), allowance to draft constitution (350,000), allowance for executive meetings (2,200,000), press, media and publicity (1,830,000), Public Address System (1,500,000), umpires allowances for national league (10,000,000), bus repair and fuel (3,766, 001), trophies and medals (2,560,000), certificates and awards (3,000,000), hire and decoration of venue for closing league (1,500,000), players’ licences (2,750,000), drivers’ allowances (600,000) and buffet for national league (13,090,000).

In the same vein, the treasurer read the projected budget for the year 2020 (2,043, 250, 000), a large bulk of which is expected from the Government of Uganda (2,000,000,000). The other amount will be generated from sponsorships (20,000,000), district affiliation fee (6,450,000), club registration fees (4,600,000), Novice rally (4,000,000), National Rally (5,000,000) as well as second-division club registration and men (3,200,000).

Some of the delegates during the Uganda Netball AGM held at Kati Kati Restaurant, Lugogo

The budget issues aside, Anek disclosed to the media that the Uganda Netball Federation is working tooth and nail to secure their own permanent home.

This year, Uganda will host U-21 Youth World Cup qualifiers, travel for the Africa Netball Championship in July (Namibia), engage in test series (South Africa, Malawi, Jamaica, and Uganda).

On top of those tournaments, there will be domestic events as the Novice rally (early March), national rally (mid-March) and the East Africa Netball Championship in April 2020.

William Bwambale, vice president Administration
A section of delegates at the 2020 Uganda Netball Federation Annual General Assembly

David Isabirye is a senior staff writer for Kawowo Sports where he covers most of the major events.

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